The Top Underrated Quarantine Snacks I Found at Dragon Supermarket

. March 20, 2020.
Asian Grocery Toledo Ohio Snacks
A sampling of the snack lineup found at Dragon Supermarket. (Credit: SF)

The fear, uncertainty and doubt anyone stuck at home might be feeling won’t soon be limited to deciding which show to binge (or re-binge). It’s only a matter of time before our tastebuds tire of the nonperishable groceries and snacks we’ve been collectively hoarding. Canned soups, canned beans, bulk legumes, instant ramen are food items destined to haunt palates long after the sickness has passed.

Dragon Supermarket Toledo Ohio

Dragon Supermarket at 40 S Reynolds in Toledo has the fire snacks you forgot you need. (Credit: SF)

Now’s time to be proactive about changing up snacking habits before we start grumbling about how we’re sick of munching almonds (pun intended). Discovering underrated snacks I knew I wouldn’t encounter in gigantic supermarket chains began by wandering the aisles of Dragon Supermarket (40 S. Reynolds, Toledo) for snacks I could feel adventurous stress eating during the marathon of Robin Williams movies I plan on enjoying.

Here’s a list of 5 mostly nonperishable snacks to treat your inner gourmand to during this strange time:

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles

Indomie Instant Noodles Asian Grocery Toledo Ohio

Indomie Instant Noodles: B-Side Ramen

Indomie’s Mi goreng instant noodles are the go-to snack for instant ramen aficionados in the know. For those who don’t know, this Mi goreng style works as a stir fry, meaning no extra broth you’ll feel bad about either slurping up or pouring down the drain. This dish is also easily augmentable with any chili flakes, salt, garlic or curry powder you might have lying around. Top the six-minute dish with a sunny-side-up fried egg and enjoy pretending to work from home.


Basil Seed Drink

Basil Seed Drink Toledo Ohio Asian Grocery

Basil Seed Drink: Basically an herbaceous Sprite. (Credit: SF)

The basil seed drink is basically an herbal Sprite, without the bubbles. It’s sweet, but not overtly so. Whispers of basil have my mind churning about how to incorporate this beverage into a post-work-from-home cocktail; I think it would pair well with gin for an herbaceous creation I’ll venture to call a “Bas-illness.” (Cue bartending readers’ scoffs at my makeshift cocktail title.)



Kimchi Asian Grocery Toledo Ohio

An easy way to make eating your veggies a flavor odyssey. (Credit: SF)

Kimchi, in its simplest form is cabbage and Korean radish fermented with spices. The “Kimchee” [sic] at Dragon Supermarket is just chunks of Korean radishes, which is a welcome departure from the traditional cabbage component that tends to sog into a weird texture. This version, on the other hand, crunches with a delightfully bright vinegary kick. Plus, it’s relatively low in calories, high in antioxidants, saps inflammation and slows aging. In short, it’s the sickness-fighting food you’ve been looking for.


Hot Wasabi Peas

Hot Wasabi Peas Toledo Ohio Asian Grocery

Hot Wasabi Peas pair well with both high-brow and trashy television. (Credit: SF)

Hot Wasabi Peas are the answer to seemingly bottomless bags of mediocre potato chips you’re no doubt by now tired of hating yourself for eating. And take comfort knowing that wasabi, this snack’s namesake root vegetable so bitter it turns eaters’ eyes into fountains of pain, has been replaced with horseradish, effectively dampening the kick into a mild murmur of spice you still have permission to feel brave about eating.


Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes

Dried Mangoes Asian Grocery Toledo Ohio

Real Filipino mango, dried and coated with sugar. (Credit: SF)

Snack food textures are paramount. Dried Mangoes are a snack you can both sink your teeth into and then chew for a primally satisfying little while. Factor in mangoes’ natural sweetness, slightly enhanced with a fine coat of sugar, and then realize that Dried Mangoes are the ideal complement to savory snacking.