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Exorcising Pain through Prince

Religion. According to Oxford Languages, the top definition of the noun “religion” comprises “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.” But in the 21st Century, the language authority’s tertiary definition of religion seems better suited to encompass a broader application of the word, as “a pursuit


Because the plethora of specialty markets around Toledo is pretty insanely awesome, we’ve decided to make Top Underrated Quarantine Snacks into a series featuring markets around the city. This week’s edition spotlights a few of the prime social-distancing munchies to be found at Middle East Market (4623 W Bancroft)

Now Rolling

A tiny Bowling Green camera store invigorates local photographers with hand-rolled film Driving west on Wooster Street in Bowling Green, just past the Wood County Hospital, Main Street Photo & Portrait Studio (1204 W Wooster) lives in an anodyne plaza with plenty of parking. Inside the store, anachronistic cameras sit atop and within the glass