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Because the plethora of specialty markets around Toledo is pretty insanely awesome, we’ve decided to make Top Underrated Quarantine Snacks into a series featuring markets around the city. This week’s edition spotlights a few of the prime social-distancing munchies to be found at Middle East Market (4623 W Bancroft)

Now Rolling

A tiny Bowling Green camera store invigorates local photographers with hand-rolled film Driving west on Wooster Street in Bowling Green, just past the Wood County Hospital, Main Street Photo & Portrait Studio (1204 W Wooster) lives in an anodyne plaza with plenty of parking. Inside the store, anachronistic cameras sit atop and within the glass

Making the Cut

Contemporary barbering relies on dextrous electric clipper control and a knack for shading fades. The best barbers can carve designs into the side of someone’s head with measured strokes akin to maneuvering a motorized paintbrush.