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A Classy Affair— Proper Tea, and proper fun at Clara J’s

While Clara J’s Tea Room in downtown Maumee doesn’t break British custom with the same vigor as the early colonists, their progressive approach to the high society tradition feels like a revolution of its own.

Eat Healthy, Live Well

Motto of New Mediterranean Bistro When asked about the name of his newly-opened eatery , Bite Me Twice, Nassif “Nick”Chamoun replies with a smile, “It means, ‘Stop licking your lips. We’re going to feed you twice.’” In the tradition of warm Lebanese hospitality Nick personally greets everyone coming through the door of his establishment at

Vegan Class at Foodology

Cooking vegan doesn’t have to be intimidating, especially when you have Chef Sam Gill by your side to help you along the way. A recent graduate of Owens Community College with a degree in culinary arts, Sam is Foodology’s most recent up-and-coming talent. She has spent years learning the trade through her work in local

Cheeseburger Paradise Island Party in Grand Rapids

Break out those Hawaiian shirts and flip flops for the island-themed Cheeseburger Paradise Island Party. Kick back and enjoy tunes by three-piece acoustic band Engine 19— a Toledo group of three firefighters— while you chow down on a cheeseburger from the Koral Hamburger food truck, a Maumee favorite, known for its fresh ingredients and generous

Happy Birthday, Casual Pint!

Happy birthday, Casual Pint! Come out and celebrate the one-year anniversary at the Casual Pint’s Local Tap Takeover Bash. For their birthday weekend, the Casual Pint is giving props to all their loyal patrons and the multitude of local breweries whose beers they serve. Have a blast playing games for prizes and taking advantage of

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