Restaurant Makeover Show Now Casting

The production company that brought us the beloved reality shows Naked and Afraid, Bar Rescue, and others is now looking for Mexican restaurant proprietors for its newest venture. If your application is accepted and you are cast to be in the show, you and a partner will be flown out to Mexico City to learn

How to Register as a Medical Marijuana Patient in Ohio

The medical marijuana control act was signed into law by then-Governor John Kasich in 2016, but the first Ohio dispensary didn’t open until March of this year. Fortunately, the public has been patient with the program’s delayed rollout because, as marijuana enthusiasts know, a slow burn leads to a longer-lasting and overall better experience. It’s

Be the Author of Your Own Story

Dr. Coleman brings inspiration through Flight School When I first met with Dr. Victor Coleman Jr. outside of the Mott Branch Library, he insisted that I call him “Victor” rather than “Dr. Coleman.” The owner of the VJ Coleman Flight School doesn’t want his title to become a barrier for making connections, though he is

A Roundup of Toledo’s Favorite Patios

Summer is here and it’s time to shake off that cabin fever. What better way to do so than by taking advantage of one of Toledo’s many restaurants offering patio seating? Check out our 2019 Patio Guide, and then read our roundup for more of the Toledo Area’s best spots. Downtown The Blarney 601 Monroe St.,

Channel Parker

Local film geek’s YouTube page a fun ride There are a lot of YouTube channels out there nowadays. But most of them don’t offer the geeky fun of local host David Parker, the talking head of Mr. Parka’s Weekly Reviews and Update channel and the movie reviewer of Screaming Toilet ( Once a week, the