Are You A Service Industry Worker? Samuel Adams Wants To Give You $1,000

In March, Boston-based brewery Samuel Adams partnered with The Greg Hill Foundation to raise more than $500,000 for its Restaurant Strong grant program, which offered financial support to Massachusetts service industry workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since then, they have raised more than $2 million to give a little help to workers in 19

City Talks – Toledo City Council Person Sam Melden

Tune out the “Breaking News” for boots-on-the-ground commentary from Toledo-area business owners, service providers and government officials braving our current climate of uncertainty. As a new audio series, City Talks provides a brief local take on our situation, as well as advice and ideas for how to spend the new downtime foisted on us by circumstance.

Toledo-Area Restaurants Offering Carry-out, Delivery, Curbside and More

During the first 22 days of March, Ohio restaurants lost almost $700 million in sales, laid off more than 100,000 employees, and 10% foresee closing permanently, according to a report from the Ohio Restaurant Association in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association. Those numbers are bleak, but the future is likely to be even more

“NOT an E.S.Sential Business!” claims Toledo business man

After sending a Cease and Desist demand that went unheeded, West Toledo resident Edwin S. Sential has filed suit to enforce his “copyrighted and protected” naming of his business empire.  Sential, when reached for comment, explained the purpose of the suit, “I have worked for years to build businesses with integrity and meaning, and this

Toledo cats are 100% done with this situation

Fluffy had been silent for the past few weeks as her human, Mark Shannon of Sylvania, had been around the house much more often than he normally is. But now Fluffy has had enough. “Seriously, he needs to get out of here,” Fluffy said in an interview. “I got stuff to do around here. Candles