History repeats itself: Lessons from the fall

Another day, another dollar. Or five hundred, or five thousand dollars.      By now we assume you have all heard the sordid tale, if not all the details.  On a recent sunny day, four members of Toledo City Council were arrested by federal agents and charged with accepting cash and other things of value in exchange

The Harbor Lighthouse restoration

Located at the “intersection” of Toledo’s busy shipping channel, near the confluence of Maumee Bay and Lake Erie, sits a curious historical building— the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse. Dedicated in 1904, the rather non-traditional lighthouse is built on a stone crib, complete with a cellar and multiple bedrooms. After years of planning and fundraising, the Lighthouse

Sound of Silence: All quiet in City Politics

     Listen.  Can you hear it?      No, not the ominous booming of war zone grade fireworks on the next block over.  Listen between the booms.      See?      Unlike any summer any of us can remember, there is a quiet that has settled in over the land.   A time of solitude and quiet reflection, neighbors grilling out

10 local, low-key groceries for cautious shoppers

Life looks a bit different than it did four months ago. Two things remain the same, though: 1.) people still have to buy groceries and toiletries, and 2.) local businesses still depend on us for their livelihood.  The good news is we can double dip by supporting our local economy while also, you know, meeting

June 17 2020—Marketplace Changes

Downtown Sylvania welcomes a new boho-style boutique and space to support local musicians and artists. Hip To The Groove Boutique, at 5665 Main St., looks to open in mid-July, though the shop recently hosted a pop-up for Napoleon-based women’s shop, Wenleemae Boutique. The budding business is housed in the Signature Look Studio space, next to

See the light— Toledo Harbor Lighthouse to be restored

The long-awaited restoration of the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, located about five miles north of Maumee Bay State Park, is soon to enter its first phase after recent approval by the Lucas County board of commissioners.  The eventual goal is to turn the Light into a museum complete with historic artifacts, tours, and live programs. For

This Is Toledo: A Frank Discussion of Race

Children learn in school that the Civil Rights Movement wiped out segregation and eliminated racism. The recent killings of black men and women by white police officers tell a different story: racism was never eliminated. While perhaps more subtle, the feelings of superiority remain powerful, pervasive, and systematic. Well-meaning white Americans latched onto the words

Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio: Power and responsibility

To protect and to serve. Five short, simple words on every  Toledo police car that describe a lofty aspiration.  To protect Toledoans.  And to serve us. And in that short phrase lies the weight of responsibility expected of those carefully selected and trained to  serve in the Toledo Police Department. We are told that police

Curbside service now available at Toledo Library branches

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library recently announced that library materials are available for curbside pickup beginning June 1. “We know the community is eager to return materials and check out new material,” said the Library’s executive director Jason Kucsma. “We recommend that you continue to reduce unnecessary travel and defer returning your materials as

14+ Toledo-based Etsy Shops That Will Inspire You

Art highlights culture. The true importance of supporting local artists in any area is contributing to the health, wealth, growth, and hearts within communities. Toledo is no exception and has proven with time how indispensable the arts are for all generations now and to come. To show our support to some of many incredible Toledo-based

2020 Ode to the ZIP Code: Category 3

Below are the top-scoring poems in this category, which were evaluated by a panel of judges including Jim Ferris, Sandra Rivers-Gill, and Haley Taylor. To read more poems, return here. Craig Firsdon 43528 I’ve lived my life disabled in Holland. Arrowhead filled fields became malls and poetry opened a community in which wheelchairs don’t exist. Leonard

2020 Ode to the ZIP Code: Category 2

Below are the top-scoring poems in this category, which were evaluated by a panel of judges including Jim Ferris, Sandra Rivers-Gill, and Haley Taylor. To read more poems, return here. Grace Butler 43558 years before my car i had a bike and two best friends. a carryout down the street and a wish that summer might