New Growth on Summit Street

The SeaGate Centre gets revamped with a new ballroom and adjacent Hyatt Hotel In a press conference led by the Board of Lucas County Commissioners, two major developments to further the economic development of downtown Toledo were announced: a new dual-purpose Hyatt hotel and the revamping of the SeaGate Centre, which will include the addition

Toledo City Podcast: City Paper Flip Thru

Toledo City Paper crew members Athena Cocoves, Erin Holden, Courtney Probert, Imani Lateef and Al Jacobs flip through the latest issue of the Toledo City Paper’s best stories. – Athena discusses the impending local holiday bonanza that is this year’s first Art Loop and 419 Day. – Erin talks alternative wedding dresses for the wedding

Toledo City Podcast Episode 3

Three Shots at the Truth with The Basement Geekeasy’s Nerd-tastic Founders Continuing our mission of sharing very important conversations with some of Northwest Ohio’s most interesting people, the Toledo City Podcast is back for Episode Three! Toledo City Paper Assignment Editor Athena Cocoves travels to The Basement, Toledo’s underground geekeasy, for an emotionally gripping gameshow

Toledo City Podcast Episode 2: Mike Orra of Sunika Sneakers

Fresh and insightful, the Toledo City Paper staff presents the Toledo City Podcast, episode number two! And with a new presenting sponsor: local event ticketing portal City Tix. In this episode, host Al Jacobs chopped it with Sunika Sneakers Sylvania owner Mike Orra about Toledo’s fledgling streetwear community, pricey sneakers, ascendant local artists and the

Introducing the All-New Toledo City Podcast

Varied Important Conversations with Northwest Ohio’s Most Interesting People Because we’re a community outlet bent on sharing the city’s go-to events, restaurants, shows and scenes, we figured we could flex on some multimedia storytelling with a podcast* of our very own. *Poof* Toledo City Podcast is alive. Tune in each week as our staff interviews

Special Election February 26

Two controversial Toledo City charter amendments put to a vote Two much-discussed and hard-fought-for amendments to the Toledo City Charter will be put before voters as part of a special election on February 26. The initiatives on the ballot include efforts to Keep the Jail Downtown Toledo, which if passed would require that any new

143: I Love You— Your love story in 143 words or less

Roses are red Love is a mess Tell us your story in 143 words or less From heartache to heartbreak, to finding your one true love, stories of romance seem to end one of two ways— “happily ever after…” or “f*ck that liar!!!” Think we’re wrong? Prove it by telling us your love story— whatever