Saturday, December 9, 2023

Pour Yourself A Drink— Then Tip Adams Street Bartenders

UPDATE: To tip other area bartenders, check out the TOLEDO/SE MICHIGAN SERVICE INDUSTRY VIRTUAL TIP JAR that Gabi Kiss shared with us on Facebook.

For the service industry, booze-filled holidays like St. Patrick’s Day feel like Christmas. Pub crawls bring in fantastic crowds, with spirited visitors buying, and tipping, more than usual. 

This year is different, and the service industry is suffering.

As the staff of the many bars, restaurants and shops in the UpTown district continue to go without, it’s time for us patrons who weren’t directly affected by the shutdown to give back.

After you pour yourself a drink tonight (or this afternoon, however, you’re handling your quarantine), take a minute to settle up your karmic tab by donating a virtual tip to Adams Street bartenders.

Considering it’s probably been at least a week since you visited a bar, your “budget” dedicated to barside booze might be unusually plentiful.

Not to mention, if you’ve ever had one-too-many and rambled a personal story to one of those lovely bartenders, you definitely owe them. 

Find more details on the campaign, which will evenly split proceeds among the bars of Adams Street with a portion also going to retail shops, visit the gofundme created today by Ryan Bunch.

“The bars on Adams specifically have been so supportive of the community, they offer a safe space for all and have been so community-minded over the years, operating not just as bars and restaurants but almost as community centers. The businesses and staff have always been there for us and now it’s our turn,” said Bunch. “My life in Toledo wouldn’t b the same without this community and I know I’m not alone in that. It’s a small gesture, but while we’re all stuck at home, we should consider tipping a portion of what we would spend normally. They’d do it for us in a heartbeat.”


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