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Scares On Demand: 10 Great Horror FIlms for Halloween

  Don’t walk upstairs. Don’t turn out the light. And whatever you do, don’t say “I’ll be right back.” It’s the season for scares, so here are ten great horror films to give your spine a shiver as we get close to Halloween. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) – Tobe Hooper set out to

2020 Beer Guide

COUSINO’S STEAKHOUSE Your name: Cory Cousino Your title: VP Business name: Cousino’s Steakhouse Address: 1842 Woodville Rd., Oregon Phone number: 419-693-0862 Website: cousinosteaks.com Hours of operation: 3-9pm, Sunday through Thursday; 3-10pm, Friday and Saturday -Why are you passionate about beer? I’ve always loved pairing different food with beers like wine and turning people onto new

14+ Toledo-based Etsy Shops That Will Inspire You

Art highlights culture. The true importance of supporting local artists in any area is contributing to the health, wealth, growth, and hearts within communities. Toledo is no exception and has proven with time how indispensable the arts are for all generations now and to come. To show our support to some of many incredible Toledo-based

The Toledo food trucks still rolling during COVID shutdown

Pizza. Tacos. Coffee. BBQ. Many of Toledo residents’ favorite dining experiences have been a little harder to come by since Governor DeWine’s proclamation that all sit-down restaurants were to be closed for the duration of the COVID-19 shutdown. But for those willing to seek them out, many of their favorite treats are still readily available