Dollar-for-dollar match on SNAP purchases at the Toledo Farmers’ Market

. March 19, 2020.

The Toledo Farmers’ Market is offering a helping hand to area families struggling to put food on the table during the COVID-19 crisis. Throughout the pandemic, the Market will offer an unlimited dollar-for-dollar match on all SNAP/food assistance purchases.

Any amount a consumer spends on SNAP-eligible purchases will earn Produce Perks of the same amount, which can then be used to buy locally-produced fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Farmers’ Market already offers a year-round dollar-for-dollar match on SNAP products, but only up to a $20 value. This is the first time that the program will be offered without any limit in price.

“During this time of uncertainty, we believe it’s crucial to limit time in public, feed our families well, and continue to support local businesses,” the Market’s press release announcing the program said.

The Toledo Farmers’ Market will remain open for its regular hours from 9am-1pm every Saturday.