Monday, December 4, 2023

Active & Outdoor Date Night Ideas

As if dating weren’t difficult enough, the COVID-19 pandemic presents a slew of unanticipated issues when you’re ready to take your special someone out for a night on the town. Bars are breeding grounds for germs (and there’s no faster way to end a relationship than infecting your date with coronavius!), restaurants continue to close indoor dining due to employees contracting COVID-19, and many of the other typical date night locations are closed for safety reasons.
Yet don’t let that deter you from finding love. Instead, wow your date with these active, outdoor date nights that will make the night memorable, healthy, and safe.





SylvaniaRiverTrail (2)


      • Stroll down the scenic Sylvania river trail, just south of downtown Sylvania, that runs along Ten Mile Creek from Main Street, passes through the SOMO district, and ends up near the Burger King on Monroe Street. 
      • After you’ve enjoyed your leisurely stroll, walk to nearby Inside the Five Brewing or J&G Pizza Palace for dinner and drinks. Sylvania has set up outdoor patio seating throughout the downtown area so folks can relax and enjoy a night out while still remaining outdoors. 
      • River trail access and parking are available at Root Learning near the Wingate Hotel on Main Street. The trail is ¾ mile one way. 





    • Park in downtown Perrysburg and cross Front Street to take a short walk to reach the seated area built for gazing upon the natural beauty of the Maumee River. Lounge chairs allow you to sit together comfortably while watching the wonder before you.
    • Stop for dinner before or after Riverside Park at the plethora of restaurants available in downtown Perrysburg, most of which include outdoor seating, such as Swig, Stella’s Restaurant and Bar, and Zingo’s Mediterranean


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