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Cherry Street Mission Calls for Thanksgiving Volunteers & Donations

As we sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner with our families in 2020, experiencing a spirit of gratitude that we’ve made it this far through a challenging year, it’s more important than ever to think of those who could use a helping hand. Cherry Street Missions, as always, is a place that provides that help

Department of Health provides database for Ohio COVID testing labs

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash Individuals looking for the very latest information on where they can get tested for the Coronavirus can visit the Lab Capacity Database posted by the Ohio Department of Health. The database serves as a resource for individuals and organizations looking for testing services. The list features all labs currently

Franklin Park vs. COVID: How the mall is dealing with new restrictions

Have the requests for extra cheese on your Auntie Anne’s pretzel been forever replaced by Clicklist? Do you miss finding those little perfume strips in the bottom of your purse or pants pockets? Has your window shopping been relegated to sitting on couches and watching screens? And when was the last time you asked someone

Housing help still available for those hurt by COVID

Many Lucas County residents are struggling to make rent and mortgage payments during the pandemic. If you could use a hand, Great Lakes Community Partnership is administering the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHA) that will provide financial assistance to qualifying county residents in an effort to prevent evictions and foreclosures.  If you can provide documentation

Discover mysteries of the deep with a local underwater archaeologist

From shipwrecks to aquatic treasures, underwater archaeologist Carrie Sowden dives into marine mysteries every day as the Archaeological Director of the National Museum of the Great Lakes.  Toledoans curious to take the plunge and learn more about Sowden’s fascinating career can do so soon.  On Friday, May 29 at 10am, the Imagination Station will host