Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Toledo Declared The (Second) Best Food Town of the Midwest

Do you think Toledo has good eats? Well, the general public agrees.

During the month of May, Midwest Living Magazine hosted the Greatest Midwest Food Town competition. The online contest asked the public to vote for the favorite from a list of nominated towns (that we detailed previously).

As Toledoans know, we’re hungry. Not just for food, but competition. Call it attention-seeking, say we’re starved for validation, but don’t forget to call us winners: we totally ate up the competition.

Today, Midwest Living Magazine announced that Toledo came in second place, earning us the title of (Second) Greatest Midwest Food Town.

“What an honor to place so high on a list filled with that many great Midwestern cities,” said Richard Nachazel, President of Destination Toledo, Inc. in a press release. “We’d like to thank our entire community for stepping up and getting Toledo some well-deserved kudos for our culinary excellence.”

So, who bested us? Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. We’re assuming this happened because deliriously-hungry voters, confused by starvation-induced hallucinations, assumed “Champaign” implied fancy, gourmet eats.

The Glass City’s win comes as no surprise to Toledo foodies. Although, it is slightly shocking that we even beat popular college towns— like Bloomington, Indiana and Madison, Wisconsin— which are full of millennials with chronic munchies (but terrible taste) and the free-time to vote daily.

Our delightful, kale-eating neighbors up north in  Ann Arbor, MI— the land of granola and all things crunchy— also have reason to celebrate: they came in at sixth place. (Tip for A2: Try using butter sometime. You might do better next year.)

Check out the September/October issue of Midwest Living to see Toledo featured as the best of Ohio.



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