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Tecumseh’s 11th Annual Ice Sculpture Festival

Some artists use delicate brushes, high-quality pens, or other intricate tools to create their masterpieces. Ice sculptors, however, use chainsaws, and we think that makes them cooler. See them wield the heavy machinery during Tecumseh’s 11th Annual Ice Sculpture Festival, a two-day celebration that includes ice carving demos, dueling carver competitions, fire juggling, stilt walking

Author talk with Genevieve Geha Kirkbride

Toledoan Genevieve Geha Kirkbride tells a tale of immigration, romance, deceit and faith in her debut novel Carmen. This artful and compelling story of coming to America— which begins in 1888 Lebanon and ends in 1946 Toledo— centers around the scandal of a prominent Catholic family in Damascus and a young girl’s love for a

Wedding Dinners Fit For Foodies

Sponsored Content Once upon a time, “wedding food” was a pejorative description. But in 2020, foodie culture has never been bigger, and that growing culinary passion has received its own wedding invitation. At The McIntyre in Monroe, MI, the “big day” is getting the big flavors it deserves with the guidance of local culinary icon

Healthful Human’s Meal Prep Workshop

Sick of asking, “What’s for dinner?” Bypass the daily question by setting menus at the beginning of the week, planning and preparing weeknight meals in advance. “Meal prepping” takes less time from your busy schedule and often leads to healthier, tastier meals (and a lot less money spent on carry out and delivery costs). Learn

ONE EACH: Still Lifes by Pissarro, Cézanne, Manet & Friends

Edouard Manet referred to the practice of still life artistic depictions as “the touchstone of painting.” But the name “still life” is deceptive, especially in France, where the genre is referred to as “nature morte” (meaning “dead nature”) and the paintings are full of rich, evocative and lively brushstrokes. Explore the impact still lifes of

MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio’s MultiFaith Book Club

Explore religious and spiritual practices from around the globe during the MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio’s MultiFaith Book Club. In upcoming sessions, the club will focus on Huston Smith’s The World’s Religions, which provides essential elements and teachings of predominant world faiths. The club meets at the King Road Library from 2-4pm on January 25,