Meet Our Summer 2018 Interns!

. June 14, 2018.
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In their own words:

Ryleigh Wann (Editorial)ryleigh

I’ll be starting my senior year at UT in the fall and will finally graduate in May after five long, intense years as an English major with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in communications. I’m a Michigan native, born and raised in the nearby town of Monroe, and to my surprise, I actually enjoy living in Ohio—especially Toledo. I enjoy long walks to the nearby humane society where I hope to someday add to my collection of four cats. I write poetry for fun and have read at different events around town. What I lack in professional experience I make up for in enthusiasm and mediocre humor. I’m also super stoked to be here!

Jayce Rubel (Editorial)Jayce

I am a double major in Computer Science and Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University. I am also a German translator who works primarily with the Bowling Green Archives to help create English copies of twentieth-century German-American newspapers. I am also a section leader in the Falcon Marching Band and enjoy watching hockey during the ice hockey season with other members of the Bleacher Creatures, a hockey fan organization at Bowling Green. Other hobbies I have include writing (naturally), the sword fighting game Dagorhir, and miscellaneous video games.

Lauryn Haas (Editorial/Digital)Lauryn

I am a third-year print journalism student at the University of Kentucky. I was born and raised here in Toledo and graduated from St. Ursula Academy in 2016. My career goal is to work in the magazine industry. During this upcoming school year, I will be the features editor for my university newspaper, The Kentucky Kernel. I love to write, edit, travel and work on my blog, I’m excited to be back home in Toledo for the summer after spending two years away studying in Lexington.

Luke Sasscer (Video Production/Digital)luke

Just graduating from Toledo Christian Schools, I plan on attending the University of Toledo for Video Production this coming fall. I’ve been taking classes the past two years for Videography and work for a production company. I enjoy creating videos, playing guitar, and hanging with my friends. I’m pumped for this opportunity. Thanks!