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Discover “What’s in a Name” for classic Great Lakes ships

Learn the history behind the names of a number of ships that sailed the Great Lakes as part of a new exhibit the Toledo Zoo Aquarium. The National Museum of the Great Lakes and the Zoo are collaborating on the production, entitled “What’s in a Name.” The temporary exhibit is on display in the Reflections

July 31, 2020 – Marketplace Changes

The Frogtown Froggy Museum has moved from Collingwood Ave. to 316 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 300, in downtown Toledo. See more than 700 froggy related items on display from 10am-4pm on Saturdays, or by appointment. Red Line Circuit Training has opened a second location at 7409 W. Central Ave., near King Rd. in Sylvania. The

$5,000 Grant Provides Aid to Toledo’s Junction Coalition

Underserved, low-income communities and communities of color continue to be hugely affected by COVID-19. The Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition is helping to ease the burden with a $25,000 grant, $5,000 of which will go to Toledo’s own Junction Coalition. The funds will be used to motivate local environmental cleanup efforts and prevent

Do you know who polices the police? Check out this primer on local reform measures

Following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, police reform— particularly concerning relations between law enforcement and Black citizens— has consumed the national spotlight. Locally, the explosive conflict between civilian protesters and local law enforcement in downtown Toledo on May 30 resulted in a renewed call for changes in policing by city officials. Here’s

Locally Grown: Toledo Businesses are Thriving

Nobody saw the pandemic coming, yet amid the uncertainty, one thing is clear— Toledo’s independent businesses know how to thrive. With creative adaptations and steadfast, hard work, these locally-grown businesses show what it means to succeed. George & Tony Bardwell, Co-Owners Whiskey & The Wolf 3515 W. Alexis Rd., 419-690-4280. whiskeyandthewolf.com 3-10pm, Monday. 11:30am-10pm, Tuesday-Saturday.