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It’s time to go to war(hammer)

For over three decades, players of Warhammer 40K have battled one another in miniature combat. The biggest 40K tournament in Northwest Ohio will take place at the Toledo Game Room beginning on March 27. The 2021 Glass City Grand Tournament will see dozens of players match their mini armies against one another over the course

Zoo polar bear cub finds new home

After nearly two years of drawing crowds (and “awww”s) at the Toledo Zoo, young polar bear Bo, born in December, 2018, has been moved to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. The move is part of a program organized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in an effort to find mates for members

Get to the Point! Falcon Point

Bowling Green State University recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly constructed Falcon Point Lofts in Sandusky. The 78,000 square foot facility features classrooms and housing near the home of BGSU’s Cedar Fair Resort and Attraction Management program. Located a stone’s throw away from Cedar Point, the program will see students who have

Wonder Bread redevelopment to cost a lot of dough

Efforts to revitalize Toledo’s oldest neighborhood have begun in earnest with construction underway on a redevelopment in Vistula, at the site of the former Wonder Bread factory at 1119 N. Summit St. Local Initiatives Support Corporation Toledo is financing the project, paying ARK Development over $4 million to turn the location into 33 apartments with

The Big Idea 2021

Jacob Estrada Owner, Lowrider Cafe Why You Should Know Him: Created Love Tokens— a way for patrons to donate a free meal to needy Toledoans When people started asking Lowrider Cafe owner Jacob Estrada for spare food, he knew he wanted to do better than leftovers. As a global pandemic strained the usual restaurant experience,

Toledo City Council approves the return of traffic cameras

Photo by David Watkis on Unsplash Be a little more careful with your speed while driving. After a hiatus, the City of Toledo’s traffic camera enforcement program will be resurrected in 2021. Toledo City Council officially passed the ordinance that resumes the program in a meeting on Tuesday, December 1. The program was halted in