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We have long been warned that, if we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Knowing our roots, understanding the past, teaches how history makes us who we are. History is a story that is always being written— it is as much a part of today as it is a part

Toledo According To Anthony Fontana and Casey Gsell

Anthony Fontana Owens Corning User Experience Leader Has lived in Toledo for 14 years Most people know me for: I’m in the seminary at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo, and I lead a couple of meditation groups around town. I wish more people knew me for: My art and performances at Artomatic 419! The best

Find your light

You don’t have to search for the light— author and spiritual leader John Davis argues that the light of the world is within you. Learn how to let your light shine so you can share it with the world when he visits the Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center to discuss his new book, Be the

Toledo According To… James “dirtykics” Dickerson

Years lived in Toledo: 36 Occupation: Book slinger at the public library and something like a photographer. My story, in one sentence: Just another man escaping stress. One song lyric to describe my ideal self: “I’m the traveler I go place to place. They see my face then I’m gone.” The Traveler by Guru. Most