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We’re number three!

Toledo is one of the country’s top three cities…for excesses and vices. This ranking comes from WalletHub, which composed a comprehensive ranking of the country’s most “Sinful Cities” based on a variety of criteria.

Monolith-Mania hits the Glass City

In December, the City of Toledo’s official Twitter page chronicled the adventures of a supposed “Toledo Monolith” as it visited area landmarks like the Toledo Museum of Art, Tony Packo’s, the University of Toledo and more.

Zoo polar bear cub finds new home

After nearly two years of drawing crowds (and “awww”s) at the Toledo Zoo, young polar bear Bo, born in December, 2018, has been moved to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. The move is part of a program organized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in an effort to find mates for members

Get to the Point! Falcon Point

Bowling Green State University recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly constructed Falcon Point Lofts in Sandusky. The 78,000 square foot facility features classrooms and housing near the home of BGSU’s Cedar Fair Resort and Attraction Management program. Located a stone’s throw away from Cedar Point, the program will see students who have