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New tax scam targets Lucas County residents

The Lucas County Clerk of Courts announced that a new scam targeting residents has been identified. Citizens have received correspondence from the “Tax Processing Unit of the Lucas County Public Judgement Records” claiming nonpayment of taxes and demanding that recipients submit payment immediately. There is no Lucas County department by that name. In a press

How COVID-19 affects voting for this upcoming election

Ohioans are encouraged to vote by mail and polling places are changing protocols to ensure social distancing regulations. by Aubreyonna Van Hoose American citizens are concerned how voting will look and that their votes will be counted due to the influence of COVID-19 on the upcoming election. How can voters stay safe and enact their

Franklin Park vs. COVID: How the mall is dealing with new restrictions

Have the requests for extra cheese on your Auntie Anne’s pretzel been forever replaced by Clicklist? Do you miss finding those little perfume strips in the bottom of your purse or pants pockets? Has your window shopping been relegated to sitting on couches and watching screens? And when was the last time you asked someone

$5,000 Grant Provides Aid to Toledo’s Junction Coalition

Underserved, low-income communities and communities of color continue to be hugely affected by COVID-19. The Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition is helping to ease the burden with a $25,000 grant, $5,000 of which will go to Toledo’s own Junction Coalition. The funds will be used to motivate local environmental cleanup efforts and prevent

On the Inside

It was going to be an unusual year for Toledo Pride anyway, even before COVID-19. Lexi Hayman-Staples,  the executive director of Toledo Pride, has been part of each local Pride festival since its inception in 2001. However, this year Hayman-Staples is expecting a baby in mid-August, scant days before this year’s festivities were scheduled to

Lake Erie Conference to discuss algae blooms

Lake Erie Waterkeepers presents the 15th Annual Lake Erie Conference on Friday, August 14 at the Toledo Yacht Club. The event will focus on algae blooms in the lake, algae monitoring, a look at the Western Lake Erie Algae Report Card, the effect of algae on water treatment plants and a panel discussion on the