Election Night Drinking Game

. November 8, 2016.
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Most of the time you need an excuse not to drink. But if you are gonna drink on this election night anyway, why not spice it up with a list of rules to keep things extra disorderly?

♦ Every time a losing candidate says, “The voters have spoken,” take a drink.

♥ Drink a Singapore Sling if Trump wears any color of tie other than red.

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♣ Pour some vodka in your drink every time Hillary flashes a fake smile.

♠ Take a small sip every time someone references something the Trump said that is racist or misogynistic.

♦ Hit a beer bong every time Gary Johnson speculates that he has a chance.

♥ Do a shot if you see any video with Hillary wearing a pantsuit

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♣ Take two drinks if Wolf Blitzer gets unnecessarily excited about a tiny change in the numbers.

♠ Pour some of your drink out if CNN has to apologize for some race they called too soon.

♦ Take five drinks if you’re watching your election coverage on Fox News.

♥ Take a sip of chardonnay if a red state goes unexpectedly blue.

♣ Take a shot of Wild Turkey if a blue state goes unexpectedly red.

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♠ If Hillary wins, save your drink in the fridge and take little sips over the next four years.

♦ If Trump wins, chug the bottle. The whole bottle.


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