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Wade through self-infliction

One-termer. It’s the ultimate political insult. It refers to someone who is elected to office, only to be turned out of office by voters after a single term. Winning re-election is supposed to be easy. An incumbent has the bully pulpit. Media coverage is pretty much automatic. Call a press event, and they will come.

Free lunch And other myths in City Politics

They said it couldn’t be done. Or wouldn’t be done. At the very least, shouldn’t be done. They tried to do it a few short years ago, and the representatives of the people refused to go along. It was decreed it would never be done. Yet against strong public sentiment, good reason, and common sense,

Eight Was Great

There are lots of anomalies in City Politics. Relics of by-gone days, anachronisms that once may have had a purpose but make no sense in the modern world. Like the County Recorder, a position which made sense when there were two or three literate folks in the Swamp, and only one that knew how to