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How COVID-19 affects voting for this upcoming election

Ohioans are encouraged to vote by mail and polling places are changing protocols to ensure social distancing regulations. by Aubreyonna Van Hoose American citizens are concerned how voting will look and that their votes will be counted due to the influence of COVID-19 on the upcoming election. How can voters stay safe and enact their

All About Absentee Voting: What you need to know

Who can request an absentee ballot and when? Any qualified voter may request an absentee ballot right now or at any time before noon on Saturday, October 31. Where can I get an application for an absentee ballot? Applications for Lucas County residents can be found at https://co.lucas.oh.us/documentcenter/view/623   Absentee Application How do I submit an

Hildo 8-12: Sign Off: Electioneering in a Pandemic

Random thoughts from a randomly functioning mind. Seems about right for that wacky thing called Year Twenty Twenty. Tootling around T Town lately we were struck by the lack of political signs. We understand that politicking is curtailed by the virus. Hard to press flesh from six feet away. Even harder to kiss babies with