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Free lunch And other myths in City Politics

They said it couldn’t be done. Or wouldn’t be done. At the very least, shouldn’t be done. They tried to do it a few short years ago, and the representatives of the people refused to go along. It was decreed it would never be done. Yet against strong public sentiment, good reason, and common sense,

Eight Was Great

There are lots of anomalies in City Politics. Relics of by-gone days, anachronisms that once may have had a purpose but make no sense in the modern world. Like the County Recorder, a position which made sense when there were two or three literate folks in the Swamp, and only one that knew how to

Requiem— Downtown Toledo, RIP

And now, the inevitable decline. Downtown revitalization seemed so promising. We have detailed all the good things happening over the past several years right here in these column inches. We have applauded the successes and named names of those responsible. We have also noted the laggards and the impediments. We have opined on what it

Bush League— County commissioners swing and miss

Downtown is on the rise, with economic development professionals and corporate heavy hitters swinging for the fences. Much of the rebirth over the past decade or so has been focused on the area around Fifth Third Field. Monroe Street, Huron, St. Clair, Superior, and the storefronts adjacent to the ballpark have also seen new life.

Missing in Action; Where are the GOP challengers?

It was supposed to be a game changer. After a decade of a Lucas County Republican Party with Jon Stainbrook at the helm, the organized campaign that elected Mark Wagoner to replace Stainbrook as Party chair was supposed to breathe new life into the GOP. Stainbrook was not favored by the old moneyed interests of