David Duchovny Is Rescheduling His Visit To Toledo And My Heart Is Broken

. June 6, 2019.
No, we are not being overly dramatic.
No, we are not being overly dramatic.

“Why would God allow this to happen? Why do bad things happen to good people?”

– Fox Mulder, The X-Files, Season 5: All Souls

Last month, the Stranahan Theater announced that David Duchovny would visit Toledo on July 11th.

The event, dubbed “An Evening with David Duchovny,” planned for Duchovny to discuss his career, his iconic role on The X-Files as Agent Fox Mulder, the truth (it’s “out there”), and his newest novel Miss Subways, before opening the floor for a Q&A with audience members. It was the only event of its kind planned in the US.

Unfortunately, Duchovny has canceled the July 11th date due to an “unforeseen shift in his shooting schedule,” according to a statement.

“I was really looking forward to meeting everyone,” Duchovny said in the statement. “When it does happen, it will be special.”

“An Evening with David Duchovny” will be rescheduled for a later date, which has not yet been announced.

So, will it happen? And, if so, when?

As Mulder said in Season 7, Episode 5: “Rush”— I’ll show you my theory if you show me yours.”

Until then, we just want to believe.

Ticket purchasers who want to be refunded can contact the Stranahan Theater’s box office at 419-381-8851, or visit stranahantheater.com.

  • Erin Nash

    SO BUMMED! The only good news is maybe now my sister can go with me, because I felt super weird about showing up alone.