Only Six Months Left of Free Lunchtime Parking

. June 14, 2019.

In our last issue (6-5-19), we took a look at the Toledo City Council’s controversial proposal to eliminate free lunchtime parking— a policy embraced for more than 30 years by downtown Toledo business owners and patrons.

As of our last press time, for that story, Toledo City Council had not made a final decision.

On Tuesday, June 11, Toledo City Council revisited the issue. An 8-4 vote approved the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority’s request to make modifications to metered parking policies in downtown Toledo.

Among the changes:

  • The elimination of free lunchtime parking, from 11am-2pm.
  • Expanding the parking enforcement area to include the Warehouse District and UpTown.
  • Potentially extending the hours during which people must pay to park from 5pm to 6pm.

Changes won’t take effect until January 2020.

The Toledo City Council members who voted against the measure:

  • Tyrone Riley
  • Larry Sykes
  • Yvonne Harper
  • Tom Waniewski

The Toledo City Council members who voted in favor of the measure:

  • Matt Cherry
  • Peter Ujvagi
  • Chris Delaney
  • Cecelia Adams
  • Gary Johnson
  • Nick Komives
  • Rob Ludeman
  • Sandy Spang

Larry Sykes is the only At-Large Council Member who voted against the measure.


  • michaeljmanning

    It’s all about the profit with these people.

    • michaeljmanning

      Anyone you see that voted for it needs to go!

  • Andrew Ealy

    nothing but a money grab, that’s not how you keep business to downtown… i know its a deterrent a number of people i know… no need to spend additional money and/or risk getting a ticket… I’ll take my business somewhere that wants it