Charcuterie Showcase: The Moxie

. February 12, 2015.

The Moxie “Picnic Board” ($10)
Choice of one Meat and one Cheese
(Additional Meat, Cheese or Bacon Jam – $2.00)


Smoked Pancetta
Duck Salami
Serrano Ham
Borsellino Salami


Glacier Penta Créme
Aged Gouda
Fresh Mozzarella
Prarie Breeze Cheddar
Manchego Parmigiano

Garnishes (All Included):

Sweet Gherkins
Kalamata Olives
“Sweety Drops” (Sweet Peppers)
Marinated Cucumbers
Artisan Bread
Gluten-Free Crackers
Fig Jam

My Pick: Smoked Pancetta/Manchego/Fig Jam/Cucumber on Gluten-Free Cracker

The Sweety Drops are phenomenal, offering a sweet pepper flavor without much spice. The fig jam paired with the manchego creates a striking salty-sweet contrast. The duck salami has a rich meaty flavor that isn’t overwhelmingly salty like some cured meats.The stone ground mustard is the perfect mix of spice and texture. The Picnic Board offers something for everyone, and is robust enough to try many different combinations.

1205 Adams St. 419-320-1075

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