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7 Ways To Help Isolated Older Adults During Coronavirus

Reaching out to isolated older adults is essential during coronavirus – here are 7 specific things you can do, just for starters By Basia Belza, University of Washington; Anita Souza, University of Washington, and Tatiana Sadak, University of Washington Older adults always need social connection, but they need it now more than ever. The novel coronavirus

CITYMAIL: Give Me A Break (On Tax Breaks)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This submission comes from Peggy Daly-Masternak of Toledo, Ohio, who expressed concern about the future of the old Elder Beerman site on Secor Rd. Regarding tax abatements for the proposed development to replace Elder Beerman on Secor Road, this proposal ain’t even close to the “quality jobs” for the abatements and/or incentives (read

Toledo According To Ashley (Nowak) Hill and Allie Batey

Let’s Dance Co-founders of THE Modern Dance Company share their Toledo stories Ashley (Nowak) Hill   Years lived in Toledo: approximately 35 My story, in one sentence: Art is Love. Most people know me for: my passion for dance and art. I wish more people knew me for: my passion for championing causes that affect

Toledo According To Dani Fuller

Years in Toledo: I grew up here, moved to Chicago for college and then lived there for about 12 years. I moved back about 5 years ago. Occupation: Artist and owner of Fuller Art House— a gallery and design studio in downtown Sylvania. My story, in one sentence: Artist and storyteller— just trying a little