The blotter

. August 13, 2013.

Sneakin thru’ the alley

    On Friday, July 19, a break-in was reported at the 4000 block of North Haven near Laskey Road. A known suspect entered through the rear doggie door of the home and proceeded to take various liquids from the fridge and throw them all over the house. The suspect has been charged with burglary.


Start your engines

 On Wednesday, July 24, another break-in was reported in Carter Park in Bowling Green, Ohio. An unknown suspect broke into the victims car and stole a Jeff Gordon jacket.


Cold blooded

  Bowling Green police had to break up a drunken dispute at 315 Parkview Drive around midnight on Saturday, July 20. The female residents of the home were having an argument on what the thermostat should be set on for the air conditioning. Officers advised all subjects to stay in their rooms for the night . . . and cool down.


Late on the draw

   A Toledo man called police on Thursday, July 18 to report that he had been the victim of fraud. The victim reported that a known suspect had used his identity to order items from Fingerhut more than 18 years ago.