Monday, December 4, 2023

7th Annual Adams Street Zombie Crawl

Brains might be the food of choice for a zombie, but you’re gonna have to wash all those proteins down with something. We recommend alcohol. Assemble with zombie pals (in makeup and otherwise), and lurch (or run, if you’re one of those New Age zombies) out to the Adams Street Zombie Crawl, where thousands of your undead compadres will be carousing, dancing to “Thriller” and doing whatever else it is corpses do when they reanimate for a night of drinking.

5pm-2am Saturday, October 22
From 11th to 21st on Adams Street,

Romp and Rage at Bretz,
Ottawa Tavern, The Attic,
Manhattans Pub & Cheer,
Georjiz and Wesley’s.

Ages 21+ ONLY. $5 wristband upon entry.

Reentry will require a new wristband.

This event benefits The Village on Adams
and their mission to keep Adams Street fun,
creative, beautiful, safe & weird!


Zombie Sounds— more than just groans


Two stages. One on the street and one on the patio (weather permitting)

  • Fiendish Franki Jaye
  • Rigamortis Rob Sample
  • Ghoulish Mr. Rich & The Caretaker
  • Nightmarish Sandman

17th & Adams Stage

  • 5-8pm Nate Mattimoe     
  • 8-11pm DJ Brought to you by
  • 11pm-1am Stonehouse
  • 11pm-closing DJ Brought to you by

BONUS! 9pm Bitch Thunder in front of Handmade Toledo

14th & Adams Stage

  • 5-8pm DJs (brought to you by
  • 8-10pm Katie’s Randy Cat
  • 10:30pm-1:30am Skittle Bots

Bretz Stage

  • 12:30am Bretz Drag show
  • Deja D Dellataro, Shon Spanck King and Sabin

Toledo School for the Arts
Zombification Make-Up station opens at 5pm.

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