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Curbside service now available at Toledo Library branches

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library recently announced that library materials are available for curbside pickup beginning June 1. “We know the community is eager to return materials and check out new material,” said the Library’s executive director Jason Kucsma. “We recommend that you continue to reduce unnecessary travel and defer returning your materials as

Protests Demanding Police Accountability Set For Saturday

How long is a police officer with a history of misconduct held accountable? Locally, the Toledo Police Department retains officer disciplinary records for a maximum of five years, according to a negotiated agreement between the City of Toledo and the Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association Local 10.   Varying levels of oversight  The level of oversight and the rules

Bluff Street Village: Tiny Homes, Big Hearts

Bluff Street is a ghost town. Every lot stands empty, with all but one uninhabited home now demolished. Like many streets in the Monroe/Auburn neighborhood in which it resides, it has suffered from decades of poverty, blight, and disinvestment. Across from Bluff Street are two entities that took notice. Monroe Street United Methodist Church and

Justice for All

J4MW partners with ABLE to help migrant workers in Ohio There are approximately 900,000 female farmworkers in the U.S., many of whom face challenges that are much different than those of their male counterparts, including fear of retribution for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace, for demanding equal pay for equal work, and for addressing