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Community Cinema

The 2nd annual Adrian International Film Festival brings movie lovers together It’s becoming easier by the year to find entertainment from other countries that you wouldn’t have even thought to look for. Sure, everyone knows about The Avengers and other major American film events. But what if you’d like to see what entertains people in

Tavern Funnies

New comedy night by locals, for locals premiers at The Ottawa Tavern For fans of stand-up comedy, Northwest Ohio affords few opportunities to take in performances aside from weekend shows at Levis Commons’ Funny Bone and a smattering of open mics in downtown Toledo. But for hopeful performers and fans alike, a new open mic

A New Arcade Experience—Level 419

Video game arcades have enjoyed a cultural revival in the past few years. Most newer arcades, include a few rows of arcade machines paired with a nightclub vibe. Level 419 is open in Northwood with over 60 different games available in traditional arcade cabinets, making the venue one of the area’s biggest gaming selection.