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Toledo City Podcast Episode 3

Three Shots at the Truth with The Basement Geekeasy’s Nerd-tastic Founders Continuing our mission of sharing very important conversations with some of Northwest Ohio’s most interesting people, the Toledo City Podcast is back for Episode Three! Toledo City Paper Assignment Editor Athena Cocoves travels to The Basement, Toledo’s underground geekeasy, for an emotionally gripping gameshow

Toledo City Podcast Episode 2: Mike Orra of Sunika Sneakers

Fresh and insightful, the Toledo City Paper staff presents the Toledo City Podcast, episode number two! And with a new presenting sponsor: local event ticketing portal City Tix. In this episode, host Al Jacobs chopped it with Sunika Sneakers Sylvania owner Mike Orra about Toledo’s fledgling streetwear community, pricey sneakers, ascendant local artists and the

Introducing the All-New Toledo City Podcast

Varied Important Conversations with Northwest Ohio’s Most Interesting People Because we’re a community outlet bent on sharing the city’s go-to events, restaurants, shows and scenes, we figured we could flex on some multimedia storytelling with a podcast* of our very own. *Poof* Toledo City Podcast is alive. Tune in each week as our staff interviews