Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Bonita Bead Boutique Blesses Baby Elephant

Bonita Bead Boutique was founded in 2005 by twin sisters, Ann and Anita Tristan. The business owners sell custom jewelry from artists all over the world. According to the sisters, design, DIY, environment and community are most important to their mission, which all aim at fostering unity and spreading love within the community.

The Toledo Zoo recently welcomed a calf elephant named Kirkja into the exhibit on February 17, 2024. To support Kirkja, Bonita Beads Boutique established a campaign to contribute 20% of each bracelet sale to the Toledo Zoo.

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Their jewelry showcases a delightful mix of bright colors, featuring vintage glass beads from the African trade, sponge coral, sandcast glass beads, chevron glass, turquoise and palmwood.

Each bracelet is tailored for different sizes for kids and adults. Every piece is custom with a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, however, African beads are guaranteed to be incorporated on every thread.

This campaign will end on June 18, 2024. Bonita Bead Boutique’s goal is to sell 75 bracelets in support of Kirkja. Order Online or in-store. Bracelets can be purchased for $32.95 on their website, or call 419-873-7344.

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