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What’s New with Bittersweet Farms

Bittersweet, Inc. in Whitehouse is known for their extensive work helping adults and adolescents with autism. Since the organization’s founding in 1983, it has created vocational and educational opportunities, enriching social events and much more through activities at Bittersweet Farms and other areas of the community. During COVID-19, however, many of these in-person programs have

Bored? Think Outside Of The (Art) Box

Fill the Art-Loop-shaped hole in your life with the recently launched program of The Arts Commission. Connecting local artists and the community,  Art Boxes, an Art Loop initiative, provide art supplies and projects conceived by seven different Toledo artists. “There are several art boxes happening around the country with similar concepts,” explains Art Loop Manager

The Harbor Lighthouse restoration

Located at the “intersection” of Toledo’s busy shipping channel, near the confluence of Maumee Bay and Lake Erie, sits a curious historical building— the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse. Dedicated in 1904, the rather non-traditional lighthouse is built on a stone crib, complete with a cellar and multiple bedrooms. After years of planning and fundraising, the Lighthouse

Housing help still available for those hurt by COVID

Many Lucas County residents are struggling to make rent and mortgage payments during the pandemic. If you could use a hand, Great Lakes Community Partnership is administering the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHA) that will provide financial assistance to qualifying county residents in an effort to prevent evictions and foreclosures.  If you can provide documentation

Write On: Three authors shed light on what it takes to get published

If you’ve ever felt absolutely certain that the first draft of that novel you stowed away in a filing cabinet might just be the next New York Times bestseller, you’re in good company. Most literary types have fostered the notion, hoping for the prized end goal most every writer: publication. But how does one make

Picnic tables line downtown streets for diners

This spring, we saw downtown Toledo nearly empty. This summer, we will see some streets lined with picnic tables and diners enjoying locally-owned restaurants.  Beginning today, June 12, some downtown Toledo streets will be closed so that diners and drinkers can have a safe night out on the town. The streets that will be closed