. April 23, 2020.
Srodek's Pierogis Toledo City Paper
I may have styled this shot with a sprinkling of dill. (Credit: SF)

We’re now exactly one month into Ohio’s “stay-at-home” order, which means that by now the gustatory treasures illuminated in the Underrated Quarantine Snacks series are more important than ever.

Though this week’s Polish-inflected specialty market, Zavotski (2600 W Sylvania Ave), excels with “custom meats,” a few snack and snack-adjacent items also stand out.

Zavotski Toledo City Paper

Zavotski’s selection of comparatively heartier snacks will remedy any hunger you might have been experiencing.

Tired of munching on the same old powder-covered corn chips? Here are a few snacks to help you continue weathering the prolonged quarantine:

Smoked Kielbasa Landjagers

Opt for snackable kielbasa before grilling season heats up (Credit: SF)

Opt for snackable kielbasa before grilling season heats up (Credit: SF)

Sold in pairs, Zavotski’s Smoked Kielbasa Landjaegers represent snack-worthy versions of the meat department’s premier attraction, the house-made kielbasa. If you know about Toledo’s selection of local kielbasa, this iteration is a worthy addition to every connoisseur’s list.


Srodek’s Pierogis

Srodek's Pierogis Toledo City Paper

Pan fry these in your choice of oil. (Credit: SF)

Pan fry Srodek’s Farmer’s Cheese and Chive pierogis in whichever oil you feel like until the dough crisps into a golden landscape blanketing gooey cheese textured like ricotta. Dust with salt and dill for a plating that’s eminently Instagramable.


Devil’s Kiss Beef Jerky

Homemade Beef Jerky so hot you'll breathe fire. (Credit: SF)

Homemade Beef Jerky so hot you’ll breathe fire. (Credit: SF)

Smoked in house, Zavotski’s Devil’s Kiss jerky is SPICY. Anyone inclined toward slightly mind-altering levels of spice will appreciate this tender jerky’s rush of heat.


Killer Dip

Next level chip dip. (Credit: SF)

Next level chip dip. (Credit: SF)

Venture into a new world of chip dips with Zavotski’s signature Killer Dip. This creamy mixture basically tastes like Ranch dressing elevated with herbs and shredded cheese. Pair with corn chips for a pleasing textural juxtaposition and make sure you have a reliable quarantine partner to cut you off if things begin to spiral out of control (i.e. you’ve decimated the tub of subtly addicting dip in one sitting).


Hot ‘N’ Spicy Chicken Breading

Elevate your homemade fried chicken. (Credit: SF)

Elevate your homemade fried chicken. (Credit: SF)

Though this Hot ‘N’ Spicy Chicken Breading shouldn’t be consumed by itself, definitely deploy it to fry up any of Zavotski’s fresh chicken (after a deep soak in buttermilk to ensure the breading coheres with the flesh, of course). This breading is also a helpful companion in frying your own pickle slices, if you get down like that.