Tariffs Tapping Into Your Pocketbook? Not at Appliance Center… Not Yet!

. November 14, 2018.
Local, always!



Appliance Center, a locally owned home goods retailer for over 55 years, announced at the start of the fourth quarter that they are offering product at “Pre-Tariff” pricing despite industry price increases in excess of 15%.

John Oswald, President of Appliance Center said they have local inventory they strategically purchased in 2018 prior to tariffs taking effect on everything from Appliances to Furniture. “We have $7,000,000 of inventory at our Distribution Center right here in Toledo that includes Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, HDTVs, Cabinetry, Flooring, and more all acquired before the tariffs went into effect.” “This inventory is only available while supplies last so we are encouraging customers to take advantage of it now.”

Another 25% tariff is expected to take effect around the start of 2019 and will most likely impact pricing again in the home goods industry. John Oswald said the response from customers to the Pre-Tariff pricing has been excellent, and all four store locations have been very busy. “Customers have seen the price increases already at our competitors and they are relieved that we are able to maintain pricing at these Pre-Tariff levels, but they also know these deals won’t last forever and they need to buy now before prices see a dramatic increase. We are extremely fortunate to have the support of our community for over 55 years.”

Appliance Center has four locations, located in Maumee and on Monroe Street. People should visit ShopAC.com or the Appliance Center Facebook page for more info. They can be reached by phone at 419-PAY-LESS.