‘Hollow’ point: Local artists create poetic and lyrical magic with documentary film

. May 21, 2019.
(L-R) Artist Chawone Ardrey, ak.a. "C.C." and film director Tyrell Betts.
(L-R) Artist Chawone Ardrey, ak.a. "C.C." and film director Tyrell Betts.

Sleepy Hollow Park, located at Dorr and Richards Road, is more than just a City of Toledo recreation site. To artist/entrepreneur Chawone Ardrey–a.k.a. C.C.–and film director Tyrell Betts, it’s sacred ground bursting with inspiration, that serves as the backdrop and setting for their in-progress documentary “The Hollow POEMS Movie.”

“We are hosting a live special event series for artists and lyricist to be featured in a documentary film about the movement of art form and how God gave me poetry for an outlet as a child,” said Ardrey, who originally founded the arts collective CC’s Lyricist Lounge as an open mic forum at Downtown’s Toledo’s Peacock Cafe more than a decade ago.

“The Hollow POEMS Movie,” which gets its title from a suggestion by Ardrey’s 7-year old daughter Savanna Lyric, aims to showcase local poets, lyricists, musicians and other artists all performing their craft within Sleepy Hollow Park. According to Ardrey, the goal is to spotlight artists of all ages and give them a chance to shine and be recognized. Filming of the documentary is taking place over the course of four months, with the first part shot in early May, featuring the works of grown-up artists. The remaining portions will be filmed over the next few months and will include performances by children and families. The second part will be filmed in Sleepy Hollow Park on Sunday, June 2 from 2 to 6 p.m. Local director Betts will be behind the camera capturing the action as it unfolds.

“The Hollow POEMS Movie is a chance for the artists to show off their talent to reach a bigger audience,” said Betts, who cites Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, and Ryan Coogler as his filmmaker inspirations. ” However, this will also be a biography about (Ardrey), her background, how she started, and what made her want to help an artist grow just like she did.”

Betts and Ardrey are inviting local poets, musicians, actors, lyricists, and other creatives to come to Sleepy Hollow Park to partake in the future documentary filming dates and show the world their talents. However, they emphasize this is a family-friendly film being made and no profanity or “erotic poetry” will be allowed. It’s all about spreading the joy of creativity from one of Ardy’s favorite places in Toledo.

“Sleepy Hollow Park has always been my go-to (place) for peace, tranquility, and inspiration over many years. It’s the perfect (location) for our community documentary film because it’s been home for myself and many others,” said Ardrey. “We need positive influences in Toledo!”

The next filming date for “The Hollow POEMS Movie” is Sunday, June 2 at Sleepy Hollow Park from 2-6 p.m. Adult artists of all mediums are encouraged to attend. For information on future filming dates, visit Facebook.com/cclyricistlounge.


  • You spelled CC’s (Chawonne) name incorrectly. It’s “Ardrey” not “Ardy”. Could you please correct it so people can find her and her creative ventures? Thank you.

    • Courtney Probert

      Thanks for mentioning! It’s corrected.

    • Jason Webber

      It’s spelled on her Facebook at ‘Ardrey.’