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Dooley Noted

A musical journey through the mojo of a Toledo bluesman Dooley Wilson is frustrated. It’s 9:57 am on a cold Saturday in December and he is supposed to start playing at 10 o’clock. He has only just now stumbled out of the Toledo tundra into the cozy confines of the Glass City Cafe, which has

Channel Parker

Local film geek’s YouTube page a fun ride There are a lot of YouTube channels out there nowadays. But most of them don’t offer the geeky fun of local host David Parker, the talking head of Mr. Parka’s Weekly Reviews and Update channel and the movie reviewer of Screaming Toilet ( Once a week, the

Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society takes stab at old fighting styles

Everyone needs a hobby. Some people golf. Others play racquetball. And then you have the members of the Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society (THSS), who learn to master razor sharp medieval weaponry. The 14 members (and growing) of the THSS focus on Historical European Martial Arts (or HEMA), part of several similar groups throughout Michigan and