Culinary Renaissance: Chef’s Table Dinners at Brim House offer new themes every month

. January 18, 2019.

The eight-course Chef’s Table Dinners continue to wow patrons of Brim House, and there are many more coming up this year. Each course is influenced by Chef Aaron Lawson, who brings his culinary expertise and a fusion of regional and world cuisine to the table each month for this series. Because there are only 26 seats available, it’s a good idea to make reservations for these decadent meals in advance.

A word to the wise from someone who’s attended an out-of-this world dinner at Brim House called “Dinner of the Senses,” each of these eight courses comes with a drink, so you’ll want to pace yourself! You’ll be seated with other guests, so it is always an opportunity to connect over delicious food. It is more than dinner— it is an experience.


50 Shades of Rouge
Thursday, February 14


With a name like that, you know this one will make for the perfect Valentine’s date night. Each course is made with ingredients in different shades of red and is paired with a blush, rosé, or red wine. We can’t wait to hear about the creative combinations served up at this romantic dinner event.

Jigg’s Dinner
Thursday, March 14th

In homage to Saint Patty’s Day, taste Irish cuisine paired with different pairings of whiskey, all with Chef Aaron’s imaginative take on infusions to please your palate. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about what Irish cooking is all about, and how Brim House is able to recreate those classics with their own twist.

Chef’s Garden
Thursday, April 11

Brim House doesn’t want vegans to feel left out—after all, there are so many complex flavors and textures that can be created with vegan-friendly ingredients, especially when you have a skilled Chef at the helm. This dinner is made with ingredients from a local Ohio farm, and each course is paired with wine.

Around the Campfire
Thursday, May 9

These courses will include everything you love about cooking over an open fire on a camping excursion, only elevated to the level of a fine-dining experience. As always, you’ll be able to enjoy a drink with each course, with craft cocktails inspired by campfire flavors as this month’s pairing.

Molecular Gastronomy
Thursday, June 13

Don’t let the name intimidate you. This meal will be focused on having fun with your food while exploring the physical and chemical reactions that go into each creation. This spectacular demonstration of the science behind cooking is all about transformations on a molecular level, an exploration of the social, artistic, and technical side of a communal meal. Science-themed cocktails will be served with each.

Clam Bake
Thursday, July 11

Seafood lovers will get what they appreciate most about a traditional clam bake with Chef Aaron’s spin on a favorite summer cuisine. Each course will be paired with a fine wine.

Southern Hospitality
Thursday, August 8

Though Chef Aaron Lawson is a Toledo native, he also has deep ties to the South, which is why he has deemed this month’s table his heritage meal. It is sure to be a reflection of his southern roots. Fittingly, each course comes with its own bourbon/whiskey concoction.

Wild Game
Thursday, September 12

Walk on the wild side for this event, which features eight courses focused on wild game. This rustic dinner includes eight pairings of fine vintage wine.

Thursday, October 10

What better way to gear up for the changing season than this Oktoberfest theme? German cuisine ties each course together for this festive fall table, including (what else?) a beer for each course, all of with will come from a local brewery. 

$85 per dinner. Each dinner is from 6:30pm-9:30pm.
Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel. Brim House.
444 N. Summit St. 419-243-7664. Buy tickets at