Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Art is for everybody

Two of the local area’s most influential entities have united in the name of community wellbeing. This week, Owens Corning Foundation Inc. made a $1 million commitment to the Toledo Museum of Art, to implement educational programs which are inclusive of our entire community.  

“The museum’s focus on expanding educational programs to more diverse audiences aligns with a core piece of our mission: educational opportunity for those most in need. We believe the combined efforts of both organizations will positively impact the lives of children in this community,” said Don Rettig, president of the Owens Corning Foundation.

Promoting creativity in children by providing an outlet for students to express themselves artistically has been essential to the Toledo Museum of Art for years. The $1 million will strengthen programs like ArtReach, where troubled children and adults collaborate and inspire one another through art projects.

Museum Director Brian Kennedy said, "We are truly gratified to receive this support from an organization with long ties to the community and to the Museum.”


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