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Active & Outdoor Date Night Ideas

As if dating weren’t difficult enough, the COVID-19 pandemic presents a slew of unanticipated issues when you’re ready to take your special someone out for a night on the town. Bars are breeding grounds for germs (and there’s no faster way to end a relationship than infecting your date with coronavius!), restaurants continue to close

This Is Toledo: A Frank Discussion of Race

Children learn in school that the Civil Rights Movement wiped out segregation and eliminated racism. The recent killings of black men and women by white police officers tell a different story: racism was never eliminated. While perhaps more subtle, the feelings of superiority remain powerful, pervasive, and systematic. Well-meaning white Americans latched onto the words

Where to Buy Face Masks Locally in Toledo Area

Toledoans are resilient. We aren’t strangers to struggle, and we face challenges head-on. With face masks in low supply, local artists, moms, designers and seamstresses stepped up and began sewing, donating, and selling face masks for those in need.  Buying local is more important now than ever, so if you’re looking for face masks as

Milestones: A Tribute to Toledo Women

The YWCA marks their 24th year of honoring Toledo women, publicly recognizing those in the community
“who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and contributed to the empowerment of women.”

The Power of Perspective

Deitra, passionate about empowerment and stress management, hosts the Women’s Empowerment Night Out on Friday, March 8 at The Valentine Theater in honor of International Women’s Day