Saturday, December 2, 2023

TolHouse elevates cocktail scene in Toledo

To most, cocktails are synonymous with mixed drinks. For TolHouse, however, cocktails are a craft. While the simple description remains constant, the process and attention are markedly different. This attention to detail has elevated TolHouse’s cocktails to become some of the most unique and well-regarded in the city. 

What is TolHouse?

As described by founder Will Lucas, TolHouse is a private, members-only social club that caters to the vibrant, city-dwelling creative and entrepreneurial class. And while members have access to the aforementioned cocktails, others have an opportunity to try these craft libations at TolHouse’s coffee shop, Earth, and at their jazz club, Lucille’s. According to TolHouse mixologist, Kat Eredics, part of a successful recipe includes collaboration.

“We all come together to create the cocktails,” Eredics said. “It has a family, scratch feel. We may everything in house.”

What Makes TolHouse Cocktails Unique?

TolHouse was established on the premise of cultivating a community of the brightest minds, including artists, professionals, educators, and business leaders. Like its clientele, TolHouse cocktails are inspired. According to Eredics, there are technical and intangible differences as well. 

“We give our spirits an opportunity to speak for themselves,” Eredics said. “We use high quality spirits and make our cocktails with love.”

TolHouse Cocktails Offer Local Perspective on Classic Drinks

Another aspect which makes TolHouse cocktails unique are their regionality. According to Eredics, the local influence adds an additional layer of nuance to the drinks.

“Most places are serving cocktails with recipes from someone that doesn’t even live in the area,” Eredics said. “When people walk in to TolHouse, they know that [we] made these recipes. They know they are unique.”

According to Eredics, the classic Old Fashioned has been TolHouse’s most popular drink. And while guests can expect these classic options, TolHouse also tries to update their drink menu with some regularity.

“We try to change and update our menu every season,” Eredics said. “What we put together really depends on the season. We try to keep things fresh.”

To Learn More

While TolHouse is a private club, both Earth and Lucille’s are open to the public. Earth is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 4pm. Lucille’s, which brought jazz back to the city of Toledo, is open to coincide with their live events, which typically occur on Fridays and most Saturdays. In addition to drinks, both locations offer a unique and approachable menu. To learn more about Tolhouse, visit the TolHouse website. TolHouse is located at 1447 N Summit St. 

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