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The Toledo food trucks still rolling during COVID shutdown

Pizza. Tacos. Coffee. BBQ. Many of Toledo residents’ favorite dining experiences have been a little harder to come by since Governor DeWine’s proclamation that all sit-down restaurants were to be closed for the duration of the COVID-19 shutdown. But for those willing to seek them out, many of their favorite treats are still readily available through delivery, pick-up or, in these cases, from one of the many food trucks that serve the Northwest Ohio area. 

Whether they are a regular staple at a specific location or always finding a new place to be, on a fixed or constantly changing schedule, these freestanding kitchens offer a bite of comfort during the chaos.



Antojitos Laredo Tacos 

419-779-3881. Noon-7pm, Tuesday-Friday; 1-6pm, Saturday.

Looking for some delicious tacos, quesadillas, nachos, tamales and more? Antojitos is usually parked on Lewis Ave. and has a reasonably priced selection of Mexican favorites.



Beastro Burger Truck 

419-204-3782. Times vary, check Facebook page. 

It’s burger time, and we aren’t talking about the video game. A mouth-watering variety of delicious burgers, as well as hot dogs and brats, await anyone lucky enough to have Beastro in their neck of the woods. 



Beirut Street Kitchen 

419-473-0885. Noon-7pm, daily. 

Some of the best Lebanese cuisine in Toledo can be found at Beirut, and now Beirut can be found at Joseph’s plaza on Talmadge Rd. All the meat and chicken are grilled to order!



Chef Rob’s Side Hustle Pizza Truck 

419-351-1889. Noon-8pm, Monday-Saturday. 

You may be surprised to learn some of the best pizza in town, wood-fired and delicious, comes out of this unassuming food truck. Parked daily at 4225 W. Talmadge, stop by for a slice of heaven.



Duce’s Dawgs

419-266-2161. Times vary, check Facebook page.

Fans of Duce’s famous chili dogs and chili mac rejoice! Duce’s officially began its 2020 season on April 30, so you can get your hands and taste buds on their delicious goods now.



Holey Toledough

419-742-2020. Times vary, check Facebook page.

As the great sage philosopher Homer said, “Mmmmm…donuts.” And even Springfield’s most famous fried dough connoisseur would be smitten with Toledo’s foremost retailer of freshly made specialty donuts.



Iron Bean Coffee Co. 

518-641-9917. 9am-3pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 9am-5pm, Tuesday and Thursday.

Freshly brewed coffee, owned and operated by a USMC veteran, can be garnered at the Iron Bean. Parked at 25561 Fort Meigs Rd. in Perrysburg.



Koral Hamburg Food Truck 

419-704-1030. Times vary, check Facebook page. 

Look! Out on the street! It’s a burger! It’s a man! It’s BURGERMAN! And for years he’s been bringing some delicious sandwiches to citizens of Toledo. Check the Facebook page for a schedule!



Lake Erie BBQ 

567-868-9289. 11am-6:30pm, Thursdays and Fridays. 

What is “Lake Erie-style” BBQ? Cooked low and slow, with care and love, and finger-licking good. Stop on by at 2676 Woodville Rd in Northwood to see for yourself. 



The Leaf and Seed 

419-265-2163. Times TBA. 

The all-vegan cafe has a location in Maumee, but its food truck has not yet returned to the road. Preparations are being made, though, so fans should keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.



Lyle’s Crepes 

419-450-5910. Times vary, check Facebook page. 

Want an unusual breakfast or brunch option? Lyle’s Crepes offers a slew of creative and delicious crepes made fresh. Often parked by Rust Belt Coffee, but the truck moves at times, so check the Facebook page for locations!



Manny’s Munchies 

419-266-4787. Times vary, check Facebook page. 

A regular staple of 4342 S. Detroit Ave., outside Earnest Brew Works, Manny’s brings you some of the best calzones in the area, wrapped in a delicious pretzel crust.



Papi’s Grill on the Go

567-343-0844. 4-8pm, Monday-Saturday.

Regularly found near the Best Buy on Monroe St., Papi’s Grill is the place to go for some of the best tacos that can be found in Toledo. Customers can even order online and get a text when their order is ready for pickup.



Rosie’s Rolling Chef

419-866-5007. Times vary, check Facebook page. 

A slice of Rosie’s Italian Grille’s delectable menu is a welcome treat nowadays, and the Rolling Chef not only offers subs and pizza but— wait for it— lobster mac & cheese. Check the Facebook page to find it near you!



Rusty’s Road Trip 

419-699-1307. Times vary, check Facebook page. 

After being closed for the entire month of April, Rusty’s returns to the road on May 1 with its delectable selection of fish favorites, bacon mac n’ cheese and more.



Saucy Slamwich

419-930-6770. Times vary, check Facebook page.

One of the newer trucks on the city streets, the Saucy Slamwich’s menu is laser-focused on delicious comfort foods, from cheesesteaks and Cuban sandwiches named after Toledo to tenders, wedges and other delicious sides.



Shorty’s Back 40

419-724-7901. Times vary, check Facebook page.

The food truck’s selection of favorites from Shorty’s True American may be short, but man is it sweet— cheeseburgers, pulled pork, fries, mac and cheese and cole slaw, oh my.




419-280-4670. Times vary, check Facebook page. 

Offering some of the most creative and tasty hot dog variations in the area, Smashdawgs is a, well, smash with diners looking for some delicious yet reasonable comfort food.



Taco El Rey

419-508-9142. 10:30am-5:30pm, Friday-Sunday.

After a delay, Taco El Rey returned to Glass City streets on May 1 for a new season of Mexican food to go. Though prices have been slightly raised due to product shortages, their food still remains some of the best values in Toledo street food.


We Be Ribs3

We Be Ribs

419-537-9268. Times vary, check Facebook page. 

Yes, they be ribs. But they also be one of the most delicious pulled pork sandwiches in the area, some lip-smackingly good chicken, even pizza, nachos and an amazing mac & cheese bowl topped with pork or chicken.

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