Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Say Yes To Yoshi: Sushi Yoshi offers adventure, carried out 


Being adventurous is difficult when you’re cooped up at home. But you can find new and exciting things nearby at the newly opened sushi restaurant in Sushi Yoshi, across from Target on Monroe Street.

Sushi Yoshi Steak Stone and Seafood House has been open since 2019. The restaurant is spacious with an expected Japanese-steakhouse interior design. Dining in allows for the “steak stone” experience, a hot rock to cook your meats on at the table — a DIY-cooking group outing. The restaurant provides a guide on how to properly cook your meats, for those who are apprehensive.

Sushi Yoshi has been open since December of last year. It’s located in Park Plaza, where local favorite Sori Sushi used to reside. The current manager, who goes by the name of Indy, informed me that the owners of Sori had retired. Indy was looking to open a sushi place of his own, and easily transitioned into the current restaurant. 

For many, carryout is still the go-to method for restaurant enjoyment at the moment and Yoshi’s takeout travels well, easily surviving the trip home.

12-1 CHOWLINE Yoshi 2Traveling Treats
Sushi Yoshi offers a variety of meats and seafood, some expected, but some unusual for traditional steak and sushi lovers. Our carryout order included pork gyoza (a variation on Chinese pot stickers) as our appetizer, along with two “popular item” sushi rolls and mango mochi ice cream for dessert. The gyoza and mochi were sealed in foil containers, and the sushi came in plastic trays with covers. 

The gyoza were a great start, with a little extra flavor from the crispy exterior.  Included dipping sauce added sweetness and smokiness that paired well with the pork.  We had a lot of sauce left over after the six gyoza, and we used the sauce to liven up the sushi.

On A Roll
The two rolls of sushi we ordered, the Rock N Roll and the Golden Dragon Roll, are part of the “Popular Items” list available through Sushi Yoshi’s website. Both rolls were assembled with rice, seaweed, and fried tempura shrimp. The Rock N Roll also had cucumber and spicy crab, while the Golden Dragon included avocado and crab, topped with a mango slice. 

The tempura shrimp offered a welcome yet somewhat unusual crunch to the rolls.  While each roll was satisfying, the Golden Dragon roll was set apart by the mango, which added a sweet and vegetal note to the spicy shrimp, pairing well with the texturally-similar avocado.

Mango Mochi ice cream and fried cheesecake finished off the meal. While the ice cream melted and didn’t survive the trip home very well, the two mochi (a taffy-like treat made of rice flour) were still chilled and chewy. The cheesecake was creamy with a crunch, having been batter-fried in a tempura-style.

Visit the website to review all of the Sushi Yoshi options, from bento boxes to fried rice.  Yoshi will make a fan of every diner, from first-timers to seasoned sushi lovers.

Sushi Yoshi
5236 Monroe St. Suite F
Monday – Friday 11am-3pm and 4:30-10pm
Saturday Noon-11pm
Sunday Noon-9:30pm
567-455-6663 | sushiyoshioh.com

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