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Top Docs and Wellness Champs

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The doctor is in, and we’re checking up with Top Docs and Wellness Champions.

As the story goes, an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but these health and wellness professionals offer more for their patients. Want to get in tip top shape? Listen to the advice of these pros.

Dr. Andrew Haerian, HLS Orthodontics.
Dr. Andrew Haerian, HLS Orthodontics.

Dr. Andre Haerian | HLS Orthodontics

Sylvania: 6407 Monroe St | 419-882-1017
Lambertville, MI: 7928 Secor Rd | 734-854-6221
Maumee: 4359 Keystone Dr, Ste 200 | 419-887-1247

Myth to debunk: Many people assume you need a referral from your dentist. We offer a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in improving their smile.

Three words of wisdom: Brush. Floss. Smile.

Fact you should know: We provide excellent care in a fun environment with attention to detail.

How I stay informed: I am an associate professor (adjunct) at two universities.

You probably don’t know: I have a pilot’s license.

Dr. Sarah Stierman MD, and Dr. Christy Lorton, MD, Ada Aesthetics/Dermatology Associates.
Dr. Sarah Stierman MD (left), and Dr. Christy Lorton, MD (right), Ada Aesthetics/Dermatology Associates.

Sarah Stierman, MD | Dermatology Associates/Ada Aesthetics

Perrysburg: 12780 Roachton Rd
Sylvania: 7640 W Sylvania Ave
419-870-0777 |

Myth to debunk: Sunscreen isn’t sufficient by itself to protect against skin cancer—wearing hats, sunglasses, and sun protective clothing add a necessary extra layer of protection. Seek shade midday, and always get your skin examined by a Dermatology provider at least annually; it could save your life!

How my industry has changed: It’s very exciting to be practicing dermatology right now, since there are many new and innovative medications that can clear patients of psoriasis and eczema completely, as well as cure certain types of skin cancer without surgery. Our box of tools keeps expanding for the betterment of patient care.

How I stay informed: I attend several educational conferences per year and regularly read the newest medical and aesthetic literature. It’s so important to be abreast of the newest information in order to provide excellent care to my patients.

You probably don’t know: I’m very active in local performing arts and theatre.

Dr. Jon Frankel, DDS, Frankel Dentistry,
Dr. Jon Frankel, DDS, Frankel Dentistry,

Jon Frankel, DDS | Frankel Dentistry

Toledo: 5012 Talmadge Rd | 419-474-9611
Maumee: 4359 Keystone Dr | 419-893-0221

Myth to debunk: “Everyone in my family has bad teeth.” It is very rare to have weak or missing enamel. Generally, introducing adult bacteria in an infant’s mouth by sharing the same spoon or familial habits are the cause of dental disease. Home care and dietary habits are likely the source of poor dental health. Crooked or crowded teeth are difficult to maintain. It is now recommended parents bring their infants to the dentist as soon as the first tooth pops through.

Three words of wisdom: Brush and Floss!

Fact you should know: Since 1946 Frankel Dentistry has had an “always better” philosophy. Our people, our streamlined systems and commitment to advanced technology combine to create the best dental experience.

Symptom you should watch for: Dental disease can be silent. If it has been more than six months since you visited your dentist, your dental health may be at risk. Infants are seen when their first tooth erupts. Seniors, age 70 and older, need to be seen once every three months. The key is to take care of small issues before they become big problems.

How my industry has changed: Patients can enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile in short order. Technological advances like same day crowns and two week smile makeovers are available. Dental visits are enjoyable and doctors are accessible with early morning, evening and Saturday hours. I share my personal cell phone number with patients!

In the future: Dental implants have changed dentistry dramatically. In the past we would try to save a hopeless tooth for as long as possible. Now the option of replacement with a dental implant is healthier and long-lasting. Dental implants can replace one tooth or several. Implant dental bridges and full dentures help patients naturally smile, eat and speak!

How I stay informed: Our entire staff participate in several continuing education events every year.

My inspiration: My father enjoyed being a dentist. When I realized I was not going to be a professional athlete it was a natural choice.

Five words I live by: Always Better, Serve All, Gratitude

When I unwind: Time with my family is where I unwind. There is no where I would rather be.

You probably don’t know: I eat an organic apple every day. I practice hatha yoga before work!

Two truths and a lie: I floss every morning in the shower. I swam before I was a year old. I am a huge Michigan fan. Lie: He’s a huge Michigan fan.

Nahrain M. Shasteen, OD, MS, FAAO, Modern Heritage Eye Care.
Nahrain M. Shasteen, OD, MS, FAAO, Modern Heritage Eye Care.

Nahrain M. Shasteen, OD/MS/FAAO | Modern Heritage Eye Care, LLC

5150 Chappel Dr, Perrysburg
419-873-7446 |

Fact you should know: It’s not just for kids! While I have advanced training in pediatrics and vision therapy, I see patients of all ages. I provide comprehensive eye care from infancy through adulthood. I have also had many adult patients benefit from vision therapy.

Symptom you should watch for: One of the most common symptoms of learning related vision problems is avoidance of reading. Learning related vision problems can cause eye strain, headaches, fatigue, double vision, and poor attention. Some people have gone into adulthood never really understanding why they don’t like to read. A comprehensive eye exam is the first step to see if further evaluation or vision therapy is needed to help improve these symptoms and improve your quality of life.

How I stay informed: I keep informed by seeking out and listening to some of the best minds in optometry. I accomplish this most by attending research-based conferences such as the American Academy of Optometry Meeting. As a Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry I also am required to maintain my fellowship, which is beyond the continuing education requirements of the State of Ohio.

Five words I live by: Faith, Family, Love, Trust, Communication.

Dr. Christopher Perry, Toledo Clinic.
Dr. Christopher Perry, Toledo Clinic.

Dr. Christopher Perry | Toledo Clinic ENT

5800 Park Center Ct, Suite C
419-724-8368 | |

Myth to debunk: The longstanding belief that nasal and sinus surgery involves packing and pain. Often, it involves neither.

Three words of wisdom: Love. Laugh. Live.

Fact you should know: We have a low dose sinus CT scanner in the office for patient safety and convenience.

How do I stay informed: I never stop reading.

My inspiration: My mother had polio as a child which caused facial paralysis. I chose facial plastic surgery as a specialty to help patients like my mother.

Five words I live by: Live by the golden rule.

When I unwind: Something Yogi Berra would say—”I’m an introverted extrovert.”

You probably don’t know: I played college and semi-pro baseball before medical school.

Dr. J. Alexander Jones, Midwest Eye Consultants.
Dr. J. Alexander Jones, Midwest Eye Consultants.

Dr. J. Alexander Jones | Midwest Eye Consultants

Toledo: 5733 Lewis Ave
Oregon: 2740 Navarre Ave
Maumee: 485 W Dussel Dr
800-642-2261 |

Myth to debunk: That a cataract diagnosis is a chronic impediment to a patient’s best vision. I enjoy discussing the options our patients have at Cataract & Laser Institute towards curing their cataracts and enhancing their vision for a lifetime!

Symptom you should watch for: Dry eye syndrome is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in all of eye care. Dry eye can manifest as redness, itching, burning, over-tearing, and even blurred vision. No two patients’ symptoms are the same. We have identified some excellent treatment options to help our dry eye patients and are continually researching new treatments and technologies to add to our practice to deliver outstanding dry eye care.

My inspiration: My father was a paramedic when I was growing up and I got to see how paramedics, nurses, and doctors interact and work together to form an outstanding care team. I grew up going to the eye doctor early and often. Nearsightedness runs strongly in my family and I got my first pair of eyeglasses at 5 years old.

You probably don’t know: I personally have had LASIK! I really enjoy sharing how LASIK changed my life with patients when they ask if they are a candidate for the procedure. I try to ease patients’ anxiety towards the procedure and get them excited about a new lifestyle without glasses or contacts!

Dr. John Peisley, D.C., Fairwood Health & Body Transition.
Dr. John Peisley, D.C., Fairwood Health & Body Transition.

Dr. Jason Peisley, D.C. | Fairwood Health and Body Transition

5215 Monroe St #5 | 419-517-1030 |

Myth to debunk: One commonly held belief that is not correct is that you have to focus on crash diets to lose weight. The most important thing is to make daily consistent change to create a lifestyle change.

Three words of wisdom: Consistency over time.

Fact you should know: I help people to lose 30-50 pounds in a 3 month time frame with healthy detox, nutrition protocols and therapies to help balance hormones and regulate the body.

My inspiration: I’ve always wanted to make a difference in lives. I believe in natural methods of healing the body. Thus weight loss and nutrition was a natural fit.

Cindy Hodgson, MS, PT, PhD, Essential Therapy.
Cindy Hodgson, MS, PT, PhD, Essential Therapies.

Cindy Hodgson, MS/PT/PhD | Essential Therapies

6600 W Sylvania Ave, Sylvania
419-344-9966 |

Fact you should know: Although I am not a physician, I have a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. I have also been a physical therapist for 22 years and have successfully treated many conditions that are not responsive to traditional medical approaches. I ascribe this to the insights developed from my practice as an expert level myofascial release therapist, yoga instructor and the intuitive approach cultivated by these practices.

As important as it is to resonate with your healthcare practitioner, it is equally important to learn how to resonate with and understand your own body. I help my patients learn to do this by striking a necessary, and often wanting, balance between science and intuition.

Myth to debunk: Fascia is getting more press these days, but there is still much confusion about what it is and why it matters. Our bodies are held together with this extensive connective tissue network. It is what shapes, forms and protects our bodies, and holds our skeleton together, keeping organs, vessels and muscles in their place. Fascia is the toughest portion of this connective tissue network.

Resembling an intricate spider web, it spreads throughout the body touching every single cell from head to toe without interruption. Although fascia can withstand forces up to 2,000 pounds per square inch, surprisingly, gentle sustained pressure carefully applied can release these restrictions effectively.

People often believe that aches and pains associated with aging, or after injury or trauma, are inevitable and should be tolerated. Previous surgeries, women’s health issues and radiation can cause scars and adhesions resulting in discomfort or pain. I specialize in myofascial release techniques, patient education and self treatment that help people overcome resignation to a life of pain associated with these problems.

Three words of wisdom: Move your body!

Preserving and optimizing how our bodies function is integral to overall life quality. The treatments and assessments I provide facilitate this. Ideally we should move all of the joints in our body through the pain-free range of motion at least once every day to keep that motion available. (Check out this fun video “The Fuzz Speech” by Gil Hedley on our website or Google it.) I work with my patients to improve and maintain that motion through hands-on skills, patient education and self-care techniques. Exercise is an essential therapy!

In the future: Physical therapy is gradually moving toward where the Exercise Physiologists and Yogis have been all along. Learning how to educate their patients on overall wellness and fitness as the substitute for a magic pill. I consider my practice to be an alternative to the traditional medical approach. At Essential Therapies we combine bodywork, therapeutic exercise, strengthening, yoga, essential oils and nutrition to promote a high quality of life.

Tamara Deanne Willingham, Tamara TCM Acupuncture & Herbs Wellness Clinic.
Tamara Deanne Willingham, L.Ac., Tamara TCM Acupuncture & Herbs Wellness Clinic.

Tamara Deanne Willingham,
Tamara TCM Acupuncture & Herbs Wellness Clinic

120 W Dudley St, Maumee | 419-345-4996 |

Myth to debunk: Not all persons practicing acupuncture are trained the same. In the state of Ohio, doctors and chiropractors can practice acupuncture with weekend courses and little to no training. They are not required to take the national boards NCAOM or be licensed by the medical board in acupuncture. Physical therapist practice dry needling performing acupuncture without proper training as well. Make sure your acupuncturist is properly trained. Look for L.Ac. and check the NCAOM.

Three words of wisdom: Stability is everything.

Fact you should know: We have an herbal dispensary and many supplements and essential oils. We have multiple acupuncturist and a massage therapist that love to serve and care for our community. We are here to help with effective and natural medicine.

Symptom you should watch for: We treat many symptoms but the number one symptom is pain. We treat very effectively pain. Any kind of pain. From headaches, arthritis, trauma, back pain, sciatica, nerve pain… to name a few.

Dr. Amber Leer, Alexis Road Family Dental.
Dr. Amber Leer, Alexis Road Family Dental.

Dr. Amber Leer | Alexis Road Family Dental

4640 W Alexis Rd #200
419-471-1208 |

How I stay informed: I continue to learn after graduating dental school in 2009. My post education courses have taken me to Texas, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida and Ohio. Recently I have become involved with the Pankey Institute in Florida which is an advanced level of dental education. I have completed Essentials 1 and 2 out of 4 classes with a future class in October of this year. The Pankey Institute is the only registered nonprofit dental continuing education program in the country. These advanced courses will allow me to better serve my patients and their dental needs. I am also involved in 2 local study clubs to collaborate and learn with the local dental community.

Five words I live by: Family. Honesty. Believe. Faith. Integrity

Two truths and a lie: I do hot yoga and pilates. I run two miles a day. I can do the splits. Lie: I run two miles a day.

(Left to right): Dr. Laurence Baibak, MD/FACS, Dr. A Thomas Dalagiannis, MD/FACS, Dr. C. Jeff Kesler, MD/FACS, Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons.
(Left to right): Dr. Laurence Baibak, MD/FACS, Dr. A Thomas Dalagiannis, MD/FACS, Dr. C. Jeff Kesler, MD/FACS, Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons.

Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons

1360 Arrowhead Rd, Maumee
419-855-2955 |
8:30am-5pm, Monday-Thursday | 9am-12pm, Friday

A. Thomas Dalagiannis, MD/FACS

Myth to debunk: The most common misconception I encounter is the belief that providers that call themselves “Cosmetic Surgeons” are Plastic Surgeons. Plastic Surgeons, board certified in their specialty, undergo highly specialized rigorous training and are held to a much higher standard than other physicians who provide cosmetic services.

How I stay informed: I take a very involved yearly examination that not only tests my clinical knowledge but also forces me to stay current with new procedures and technologies. In addition, I have to retest and recertify every ten years to maintain my Board Certification in Plastic Surgery.

Fact you should know: I have been listed as one of the Nation’s Top Plastic Surgeons for the past 10 years, as well as being featured in an international television program.

You probably don’t know: I was born in Greece and grew up in Africa. I came to the United States when I was 11 years old and learned to read and write English in the 5th grade.

Dr. C. Jeff Kesler, MD/FACS

How I stay informed: As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I keep updated by continuing to educate residents i n the operating room through teaching surgery. I also attend national conferences to keep up to date on state of the art topics and techniques.

You probably don’t know: I am an instrument rated pilot and have been flying for over 25 years.

Fact you should know: I was very blessed and honored to take over the practice of Dr. John C. Kelleher. He was one of the greatest professors and I still find it an honor today when I see an occasional patient of his. He will always be my hero.

Three words of wisdom: Credentials. Experience. Integrity.

Dr. Laurence Baibak, MD/FACS

How I stay informed: As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I receive journals explaining new advancements and techniques.

My inspiration: I have always wanted to help others and medicine filled that desire. In plastic surgery, i can repair patient’s problems and also do services to make them feel better about themselves.

Five words you live by: Honesty. Caring. Listening. Selflessness. Compassion.

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