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Health & Wellness 2020

It’s a new decade, so it’s time for an improved you. Whether you want to eat healthier, develop better habits, or improve your self-care routine, these local experts share their favorite ways to feel healthy.

Wedding Dinners Fit For Foodies

Sponsored Content Once upon a time, “wedding food” was a pejorative description. But in 2020, foodie culture has never been bigger, and that growing culinary passion has received its own wedding invitation. At The McIntyre in Monroe, MI, the “big day” is getting the big flavors it deserves with the guidance of local culinary icon

Winter Wedding Guide 2020

Photos by Swatch Studios Justin & Lucas Camuso-Stall How did you meet? We both attended BGSU, but we actually met on Twitter! Lucas created a Twitter account and after following a few people, I showed up on his “people you may know” list. He followed me and I messaged him. We agreed to meet for