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Health care workers have long been heroes, and their dedication to our community’s safety and happiness has continued to prove itself in the past few months. As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, our annual guide to local doctors comes with a special relevance. Over the last weeks, we’ve asked these Toledo doctors about their plans for the future, how they are responding to the pandemic in their own lives, and what they want for their patients. Their advice confirms another fact about health care works— the doctor truly knows best.

Dr. Jon Frankel & Dr. Amber Puhl

Frankel Dentistry: 5012 Talmadge Rd., 419-474-9611.
Frankel & Puhl Dentistry: 4359 Keystone Dr., Maumee. 419-893-0221.


How has your office responded to the virus?
We have remained open with a skeleton crew for emergency patients to ease the burden for the Emergency Rooms so they can focus on their COVID-19 patients. Teleconferencing has been well received. We have kept in contact with weekly ZOOM meetings for all our doctors, healthcare providers and staff. We also invested in a year-long continuing education module. It can be accessed at home!

What is one thing you want your patients to know right now?
We are open. Caring for our patients with the best dental experience is our passion. There are changes. We maintain social distancing and are using the highest standards of personal protective equipment. Everyone is still smiling although you may not see it!

Dr. Frankel and Dr. Puhl have gone the extra mile to place several HEPPA 13 filters through the office, as well as have had UV lights installed in the furnace and ductwork to mitigate the Coronavirus.

Our community has been through a lot over the past few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. While many things have changed, our commitment to serving all with an always better approach has not. We are grateful to offer the best dental experience and your safety continues to be of utmost importance.

How are you staying hopeful?
Dr. Frankel is laser-focused on keeping the Frankel Dentistry family safe and healthy. He is forward-thinking and dedicated to serving all with an always better approach.

Have you been ordering take-out? If so, what are your favorite places?
Balance for lunch has become part of Dr. Frankel’s routine!

Dr. Nick Goin

Innate Health Chiropractic
26580 N Dixie Hwy #101, Perrysburg | 419-872-2255 |
8-11am & 3-6pm, Monday & Wednesday
2-6pm, Tuesday
9am-noon & 3-6pm, Thursday
9am-noon, Friday


How are you managing stress and emotions during this time?
Our family has had its ups and downs emotionally just like everyone during this time. One thing that our family has always looked to for strength and encouragement, especially in times that are difficult is our faith. Our faith has given us a solid, unwavering foundation that can weather the storm.

How can people stay healthy while stuck at home?
Staying healthy being stuck at home or not can be especially tough. My biggest recommendation is to be creative and to have fun as a family with whatever you do! One thing I love to do is to exercise together. We have found really fun family workout videos and found ourselves getting stronger and laughing along the way. Not only is exercise and movement important to your health, but the quality nutrition you get from food is to. Make sure fresh food is at a maximum and processed food is to a minimum. Make memories cooking together!

What is one thing that you want your patients to know right now?
The health of one’s spine is incredibly important because of its intimate relationship to the health of the nervous system. The nervous system controls and regulates all function in the body, so the healthier the spine, the healthier the nervous system, the healthier you! Adjustments help to maximize this relationship, but things can be done while at home like moving often and maintaining good posture, especially if you cannot make it in for regular chiropractic care.

Dr. Bryan D. Royer

Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc.
5800 Monroe St., Sylvania | 419-517-5055 |
9am-6pm, Monday, Wednesday & Friday
At-Risk Patients only on Thursdays


Did you know that having pain is not normal? In general, you are not supposed to be in pain, despite what your age might be. Having headaches, or neck pain, or shoulder pain, or plantar fasciitis is not acceptable. Like most people, you have probably already asked friends and family and scoured the internet for answers, but nothing has worked. You have even had a lot of time recently to rest and recover, but if it still bothers you, nothing good will happen if you continue down this path. You could end up in more pain and a decreased ability to do the things you love to do, but it does not have to end up that way.

Dr. Royer is excited to figure out your puzzles and problems and he can help you get back to your life without pain by doing a comprehensive multi-step evaluation to find the right starting point for you. You can get back on your path to recovery using effective treatment techniques, like chiropractic adjustments, Graston Technique, corrective exercises and massage therapy. Dr. Royer helps athletes get back on the field and runners get back in the race. You can get rid of your pain, so you can play with your little ones and do what you love again.

Dr. Royer has unique expertise and is one of the only chiropractic physicians in the Toledo, OH area to have multiple specialties and certifications beyond ordinary chiropractic care. Call him today at 419-517-5055 if you want to find how he can help you.

Dr. Clint Keifer, Audiologist/owner

Great Lakes Audiology
3780 King Rd. | 419-327-2273 |
Current business hours (if applicable) or date that you plan to reopen: By appointment; will resume normal hours/operations following the pandemic recommendations


How has your practice responded to the crisis?
To protect our patients and employees (especially those most at-risk), we have postponed all routine and non-urgent services. We are working from home as much as possible and are able to provide urgent hearing device repair service as well as remote support.

How are you managing stress and emotions during this time?
That can be a challenge at times; however, I like to stay busy with productive tasks and activities while continuing to connect with people through technology. Some of those “someday when I have some time” type of projects are nice to work on.

How are you staying hopeful?
My hope comes from faith in God and knowing that we are a resilient people with toughness and ingenuity. I trust that we will pull together with compassion and problem solving to overcome these difficult times.

How can people stay healthy while stuck at home?
Balancing diet, exercise, and productivity. Make a schedule and continue to get things done. Mental health is just as important (if not more) than physical health right now, so staying active with positive activities is crucial.

How are you staying entertained? What books, TV shows, podcasts, or movies are you enjoying?
When we have some time at the end of a day, anything in the science fiction category for shows and movies for both streaming and DVD/bluray (might be a good time to watch some of those trilogies). Since we have our three little children at home, most books we are reading are children’s books.

Jennifer Ludwig DDS, MS

HLS Orthodontics
Sylvania: 6407 Monroe St., 419-882-1017.
Maumee: 4413 Keystone Dr. #200. 419-887-1247.
Lambertville: 7928 Secor Rd., Lambertville. 734-854-6221.


How has your practice responded to the crisis?
Starting the week of March 16th our office transitioned to “emergency only” status. The goal was two fold. Slow the spread and preserve masks, gloves, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and soap that is used frequently in the regular practice of dentistry. We are using a virtual consult when possible to evaluate questions, give accurate answers, and care with the goal of reducing the need for patients to go out of their house.

How is your practice giving back to the community during the crisis?
We have donated over a thousand masks to a local hospital and multiple cases of gloves, and gallons of hand sanitizer to Lucas Country Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

In pursuit of flattening the curve, what are some of the most significant changes in your daily life?
A normal day involves 35 team members and over a hundred patients served. Our day now involves a few team members spending reduced hours at the office to take care of anyone experiencing pain, infection, trauma, or dysfunction. Normal disinfection procedures & PPE have been amplified and all handles are wiped down after anyone enters/leaves the area. The few team members present also regularly take temperatures and stay as far apart as possible.

What is one thing that you want your patients to know right now?
You are constantly on our minds. We are working on protocols to get your treatment timeline back on track as soon as we can safely return to normal operations.

How are you managing stress and emotions during this time?
Enjoying the long, wide open trails at Oak Openings Metropark with family and daily exercise.

How are you staying hopeful?
At this point in the crisis, all of my family at home and work are healthy. Keeping all this way, makes the changes being made worth it.

How are you staying entertained? What books, TV shows, podcasts, or movies are you enjoying?
Introducing my son to the original Star Wars Trilogy.

If you could drive home one point to the young adults of the Toledo area, what would it be?
You will look back and this rough patch will be a small blip on your timeline. Seeing friends in person is not worth the risk.

When everything blows over, what’s the first thing you will do?
Family outing to the Zoo, Mud Hens, Imagination Station-something we would normally do to kick off summer!

Dr. Matthew A. Molenda, MD, FAAD, MBA, FACMS, FASDS

Bravia Dermatology
2000 Regency Ct. | 419-948-3376 |

Matthew A. Molenda, MD, owner Bravia Dermatology Group

How has your practice responded to the crisis?
As we followed this outbreak over the last few months, we recognized the dangers to the community early on and effectively closed our offices over a week prior to the “Stay at Home” order. Thankfully, our practice was formed on a high-tech backbone and that enabled us to quickly launch our telehealth platform and continue to serve our patients. We currently offer virtual appointments and, if follow-up is needed, we either schedule an in-person appointment (if an emergency) or wait until this crisis subsides to proceed with treatment. Our limited number of in-person appointments are available for emergencies only and each are performed with extensive safety procedures to protect our patients and staff.

How is your practice giving back to the community during the crisis?
We, like the rest of our community are taking part by practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING. We closed our offices early as we started to see the alarming potential for overwhelming our healthcare system. The exclusion of non-emergent surgeries and appointments minimizes use of personal protective equipment that is now low in supply and so desperately needed to protect our healthcare workers fighting to save lives. We have also donated supplies such as N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, and viral culture specimen tubes that are needed to keep our colleagues safe as they battle this virus.

In pursuit of flattening the curve, what are some of the most significant changes in your daily life?
Life is quite different these days. Our staff has settled in to working remotely and we have barely left the house. We get to spend more time with our family, and for that, we are thankful. We are not getting stir crazy yet!

What is one thing that you want your patients to know right now?
Stay home and stay healthy. If you have any health concerns for your skin, hair, or nails, we remain ready to help. Virtual Visits are available at with any camera-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer that has an internet connection. Some insurers have waived or reduced patient copays and financial responsibilities for a limited period of time. So, you don’t have to wait to have that spot-checked.

Sarah C. Stierman, M.D.

Dermatology Associates/Ada Aesthetics
Perrysburg: 12780 Roachton Rd.
Sylvania: 7640 W. Sylvania Ave.
419-870-0777 |


How has your practice responded to the crisis?
We value the health and safety of our patients always, so we are open, seeing emergencies and offering Telehealth options for many of our appropriate patients. We will continue to care for our patients and get through this together!

How is your practice giving back to the community during the crisis?
Dermatology Associates donated surgical masks and gloves to our local hospital, where PPE is desperately needed on the front lines. Dr. Christy Lorton is also sewing masks!

How are you managing stress and emotions during this time?
Making positive memories with my family has become a priority. Connecting remotely with friends and family through video chat has been wonderful.

How are you staying hopeful?
Every morning when we wake up, we can remind ourselves that we are one day closer to the end of this crisis.

If you could drive home one point to the young adults of the Toledo area, what would it be?
Follow the CDC guidelines if you love your grandparents, your parents, your friends, and your freedom. We are so fortunate to have the expert guidance of many brilliant doctors and scientists to get us through this together. Please do your part!

When everything blows over, what’s the first thing you will do?
Get a massage and a pedicure!

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