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The Power of Perspective

Despite women gaining additional recognition and job equality moving forward, the responsibilities placed upon them do not change. A woman can now run for office or be CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but she still is expected to cover traditional familial duties.

Deitra Hickey, owner of Serenity Health & Wellness Center, counselor, educator, life coach and author, calls this the “Superwoman Syndrome.” She clarifies, “A woman who has difficulty saying ‘no,’ who tries to tackle everything at one time, who crams too much into her schedule, not implementing her ‘me’ time–that’s the ‘Superwoman Syndrome.’ It’s trying to be everything to everyone.”

Dr. Deitra Hickey
Dr. Deitra Hickey

Women’s Empowerment Night

Deitra, passionate about empowerment and stress management, hosts the Women’s Empowerment Night Out on Friday, March 8 at The Valentine Theater in honor of International Women’s Day, Deitra is, a “high energy evening tackling stress, work/life balance and the Superwoman Syndrome,” Hickey explains. “We as women have come so far in our society and the workplace, and our roles have changed over the years. There is some additional stress on women that maybe wasn’t there 50 years ago,” she adds.

“[The Women’s Night Out] is a great excuse to get a bunch of women together that have more similarities than they even know,” continues Deitra. “Women sometimes pass judgment or minimize their friendships, and I [want to provide an opportunity for] women to come together in a positive light.”

“The evening is meant to be fun and entertaining, and the goal is for everyone to leave feeling empowered,” adds Deitra. “(Attendees) will get tips and strategies…but I will be talking with the audience, not at the audience.”

Sponsored by Resolute Bank, Buckeye Telesystems, and Skylight Financial, the event will include performances from musicians Kyle White and Lindsey Payne. In addition, Diane Larson from Channel 13 will host. Raffle tickets, which benefit the nonprofit Ruthie’s Angels, offer a chance at a grand prize of a monthly spa day at Serenity Health & Wellness Center for an entire year.

Kyle White
Kyle White
Lindsey Payne
Lindsey Payne

Deitra will also be selling and signing her books: FEARLESS: Strength, Faith and Positivity in the Eyes of Adversity, STRESS and the Power of Perspective, and WE ALL HAVE A STORY: How to Build Connections and Strengthen Your Relationships.

A personal tie

Ruthie’s Angels is a local 501c3 named after Deitra’s mother, who passed away from multiple sclerosis (MS) at 48. When Deitra was a young girl, her parents were both shot, and her father sustained a spinal cord injury, paralyzing him. Deitra summarizes, “I grew up seeing chronic pain and suffering. My mother had MS and my father was paralyzed. I started Ruthie’s Angels to help people with severe or terminal diagnoses–and their children–find [and pay for] services and counseling.”

Deitra’s mother, Ruthie, was diagnosed with MS prior to the shooting, but the “physical, emotional, and mental stress from the shooting made her MS progress very fast.” Seeing the very real effects that stress can have on the body, Deitra determined to dedicate her life to helping individuals fight adversity.

Working with children and adults

Deitra earned a degree in counseling and worked with children for years with Toledo Public Schools as a counselor. After 17 years in education, she reached out to have a larger impact in private practice and as a motivational speaker. “Working with children was an important chapter of my life, and I gave 110%, but…adults are in charge of their destinies; children are not, necessarily. It was a challenge to counsel children, to get them to some mental stability, only to have them go home to chaos they could not control.”

Deitra opened Serenity Health & Wellness Center because, “I found a need in Toledo for holistic wellness…so I surrounded myself with other experts and promoted [Serenity] as a wellness center with a spa atmosphere. We are one of the first true med spas in the Toledo area,” Deitra continues. “People come for health reasons and to heal injuries, but also for spa days and to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bridal parties, special occasions.”

An advocate and educator

The Serenity Perrysburg location suffered a fire in June of last year, which resulted in a “total loss” but, as with all of the difficulties Deitra has faced in life, she keeps moving forward. In late spring, Serenity will be opening a nail salon and spa at a new location in Maumee. Adversity has made Deitra a strong, charismatic motivational speaker and life coach. Deitra reflects, “I think because I grew up with adversity, I was challenged with my own happiness. I felt very validated for not being cheery all the time because it is a chaotic world and problems arise.”

“Being my own advocate, doing this on my own over the years to get to a point of peace–regardless of circumstance–has given me a passion to provide that for other people,” she adds. “I want everyone to reach their maximum potential.”

Women’s Empowerment Summit. Friday, March 8, 7PM – 9PM.
The Valentine Theater | $20 | https://deitrahickey.com

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