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Tackling Stress and the Power of Perspective

Dr. Deitra Hickey’s Women’s Empowerment Night Out!

Deitra Hickey, the owner of Serenity Health & Wellness Center, counselor, educator, life coach and author, is tackling the “Superwoman Syndrome.” The woman who suffers from it is someone who has “difficulty saying ‘no,’ who tries to tackle everything at one time, who crams too much into her schedule, not implementing her ‘me’ time— that’s the ‘Superwoman Syndrome. It’s trying to be everything to everyone.”

Deitra spoke about this for her first Women’s Empowerment Night in March, which quickly sold out. This prompted her to organize what she calls a “replay,” bringing the high-energy event complete with live music and gift bags to all women (and men) who want to learn more about stress maintenance and work/life balance.

Women’s Empowerment Night Out!

Deitra is herself the owner of not one but two businesses— her newest venture, Serenity Nail Salon & Spa, opens this fall— and feels that “we as women have come so far in our society and the workplace, and our roles have changed over the years. There is some additional stress and added responsibilities on women that maybe wasn’t there 50 years ago,” she adds.

Though it was her goal for the March 8th event to sell out, it surprised her that 900 seats sold out so quickly. “The waitlist was extensive which is what motivated me to have a ‘replay’ of the event which will mirror the one I held in March. In addition, I had so many people tell me that there are many women in their lives that they wish could have been there.”

The first Empowerment event truly exceeded her expectations, with many of the participants saying that it actually changed the trajectory of their lives. “For those who did not attend the event in March, expect to laugh, cry, feel honored, motivated, and of course, empowered!” Deitra says.

The event will include performances from musicians Kyle White and Lindsey Payne. In addition, raffle tickets, which benefit the local nonprofit Ruthie’s Angels, offer a chance to win a five-hour spa package at Serenity Health & Wellness Center. Deitra will also be selling and signing her three books FEARLESS: Strength, Faith and Positivity in the Eyes of Adversity, STRESS and the Power of Perspective, and WE ALL HAVE A STORY: How to Build Connections and Strengthen Your Relationships.

Ruthie’s Angels is a local 501c3 named after Deitra’s mother, who passed away from multiple sclerosis (MS) at 48. When Deitra was a young girl, her parents were both shot, and her father sustained a spinal cord injury, paralyzing him. Deitra summarizes, “I grew up seeing chronic pain and suffering. I started Ruthie’s Angels to help people with severe or terminal diagnoses— and their children— find [and pay for] services and counseling.”


Adversity leads to strength

Deitra opened Serenity Health & Wellness Center because she found a need in the Toledo area for holistic wellness. “I surrounded myself with other experts and promoted [Serenity] as a wellness center with a spa atmosphere. We are one of the first true med-spas in the area,” Deitra continues. “People come for health reasons and to heal injuries, but also for spa days and to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bridal parties, and special occasions.”

The Serenity Perrysburg location suffered a fire in June of last year, which resulted in a “total loss” but, as with all of the difficulties Deitra has faced in life, she keeps moving forward. In a couple of months, fall of 2019, Serenity will be opening a nail salon and spa at a new location in Maumee just two buildings down from her wellness center.

Adversity has made Deitra a strong, charismatic motivational speaker and life coach. Deitra is passionate about making sure women know that “empowerment is being comfortable in your own skin regardless of your circumstances, your past, or your flaws. It means loving and honoring yourself. It’s taking your adversity and using it to strengthen instead of as a crutch. Lastly, the greatest aspect of feeling empowered is by empowering others.”

Women’s Empowerment Night Out!
Thursday, October 17 | 7PM – 9PM.
CedarCreek Perrysburg Theater | $20

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