Sunday, April 2, 2023

Stormin Norman’s Trading Post

Equipped with only a warm, jovial personality, Norman Eisen navigates his supersized 58,000 square-foot selling space with ease, making sure his workshop is in order before opening his doors to treasure-seeking customers.

“We’re the largest indoor [flea market] in Northwest Ohio that I’m aware of,” Eisen, owner of Stormin Norman’s Trading Post, says. “Even Santa comes here,” he boasts, petting a four-foot plastic Santa Claus.

Stormin Norman’s opened just before Thanksgiving two years ago, after Eisen decided he could turn financially struggling people into en- trepreneurs. “The reason I got into this was to help people — help people afford things or help people start a business,” Eisen said.

Whether it’s an over-sized inflatable football helmet, Coca-Cola collectables, unique beer steins — even food and jewelry — there’s a great chance it can be found in Eisen’s store. “If you can’t find it here, I don’t know where you would,” he says. Wandering down the aisles at Stormin Norman’s, it’s easy to feel the close-knit fam- ily atmosphere that he and his team have created. Eisen’s booming belly laugh can be heard throughout the
post and “good to see you again” is the greeting of the day. That is perhaps why Norman’s customers often be- friend him. They grab a free cup of cof- fee and roam the former Food Town store, often stopping to catch up with the workers and browse the booths for new additions. “At the end of the day, I ask [myself] did I take care of the customers? If you don’t have custom- ers, you might as well lock your doors,” Eisen said.

Vivacious vendors are encour- aged at Stormin’ Norman’s Trading Post; booth rental is $10 per day, an affordable way to capture your entrepreneurial spirit.

Stormin Norman’s Trading Post, 5860 Lewis Ave. (at Alexis Rd.), open Thursday-Sunday, 10am-6pm. 419-724-4001.

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