Latino pride is honored at the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center

. October 20, 2015.

Since 1996, the memory the first Latino to serve on and become president of the Toledo Board of Education, Sofia Quintero, has lived on at the Sofia Quintero Art and Culture Center. This non-profit organization is focused on supporting and promoting the local artistic and creative endeavors of the Latino community. Quintero’s legacy as a local activist who cared deeply for the community and preserving the Latino culture is honored through community-building events and activities held at, and around, the Center. 

Lively celebration 

The buildings along Broadway Street are saturated in rich, textural colors. As you walk through the doors of The Jose Martinez Memorial Galeria, those colors flow, casting a warm radiance of friendship, offering a feeling of belonging— a sense of coming home.

Longtime friends, and gracious hosts, Steve Soto and Sue Martinez, honor the late Jose Martinez, a local cultural and community activist/artist, by opening their hearts and the Galeria every Tuesday for Open Mic Night from 6-10pm, welcoming everyone as if they were family. During the evening, become immersed in a vibrant, multilayered celebration of cultural diversity and creativity, infused with camaraderie, laughter and fun. A splendid feast where old and new friendships are nourished, sharing in a tasty potluck (bring your favorite shareable food along) interwoven with music, song, dance and spoken word by those who graciously take the stage.

Seasoned and budding poets, musicians, storytellers, dancers, comedians, videographers, singers and inventors are all invited to give a family-friendly performance. 

Tuesday Open Mic Night, 6-10pm
Jose Martinez Memorial Galeria, 1224 Broadway St.
419-241-1655 or

Honor and remembrance

Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center’s annual Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a touching tribute to those who have passed and speaks to all of us who have lost someone. Following an age-old tradition in Mexico, family and friends sponsor a small altar,  created to honor, depict and celebrate the life of their deceased loved one. A very meaningful and tangible remembrance, it is also a way to celebrate how those still living have perpetuated the deceased’s legacy. A public viewing of the altars will be held November 8-16 at the Jose Martinez Memorial Galeria.

Attend the Día de los Muertos Fundraiser which benefits the Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center’s community activities. The event will feature authentic Mexican cuisine, a cash bar, music and the Premiere and Blessing of the Altars.

For information on sponsoring an altar, as well as registration, please call 419-241-1655 
Registration required by October 23. 6-10pm Saturday, November 7
$50/person, $90/couple
419-241-1655 |