Monday, July 22, 2024

For Her By Her: A Subscription Box Made for and by Women

Pictured: For Her by Her box with products from Axiom Lux.

You’ve heard of Dollar Shave Club, Manscaped, Hims and Harry’s. Those names are associated with subscription boxes which provide an easy way for men to experience and obtain the products they need, when they need it, without ever going to the store. But similar products, delivered in that manner, have been scarce for the ladies?

A new locally generated subscription service, For Her by Her, launched recently, modeled on the idea behind Causebox, a well-known subscription box that supports special causes around the world. For Her by Her provides boxes filled with hand-curated products from female-owned businesses and artists from the greater Toledo area, which are then delivered conveniently to your front door.

The idea, born on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, when brick and mortar stores were forced to shut their doors in early spring, came to Jonelle Massey— board liaison for HerHub, an initiative of Women of Toledo— who began contacting female-run businesses, offering them a way to continue to sell products during those uncertain times. 

“We really went into this with the idea of ‘how can our businesses maintain customers, remain viable and keep the local economy flourishing, even during a time when it’s hard to do so’,” explains Jonelle. “It’s such a creative and sensible way to support multiple female businesses, without ever leaving your home.” Through Jonelle’s efforts and word of mouth, she received over 50 applicants from interested businesses about featuring their work in the For Her by Her boxes.

What’s Inside the Box?
Each quarter, roughly seven businesses and artists join together in crafting the box. Subscribers will receive products such as tea, coffee, hand-made soaps, natural remedies, fashion accessories, candles and much more. One of the business owners whose products will be featured in the boxes is Rebecca Ahern of Axiom Lux in Toledo. 

“During COVID-19, especially in the beginning, it was really worrisome for the business. But now, being a part of HerHub and the diverse foundations that HerHub supports throughout our community, it was really a no brainer to join in and help support not only my store, but others in the community,” says Rebecca. “We need the community and we need everyone to thrive.”

The exact contents of each box will always be a mystery to each subscriber. “We want shoppers to be excited and surprised when they get their boxes. But we promise they won’t be let down,” Jonelle said.

One surprise that Jonelle is willing to spoil is that each hand-crafted box will feature artwork from one local artist to make each box that much more unique.

“It is an absolute honor,” says Brooke Padgett, an area artist whose art will be featured on the outside of the boxes. “This is a box filled with women’s hard work and dedication, and to be asked to play a small part in it all leaves me giddy.”

Brooke says she took the time during the early stages of the pandemic to escape into art. She created greeting cards with sassy quotes to help others find humor in life, especially when it’s needed the most. “To be recognized by HerHub is a dream come true,” Brooke adds.

How Can I Order a Box?
To get your hands on a For Her by Her Box, please visit their website at Each box is $43.99 with free shipping, and you have the option of ordering two or four quarter’s worth of boxes for the future. Orders for the first box are being accepted now through October 14. It will be delivered just in time for Small Business Saturday on November 28. 

If you have any questions or know of other female business owners or artists who are interested in featuring products in a future box, email [email protected]. If any male owned business would like to be our He for She sponsor for the upcoming February box, they are encouraged to reach out, as well.

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