2020 Ode to the ZIP Code: Category 1

. May 13, 2020.
ode to the zip code - youth 1

Rito Quezada Rubio
I come from Mexico
Mexico is wonderful
I came here United States school
Escuela Smart

Camille Marsh
I love Imagination Station
The lightning ball
The roller coaster goes up + down
The big
Slidey house…FUN!

Dexter Marsh
Toledo is the best.
Friends are good.
The Toledo Zoo has amazing animals.
You can’t
Live without moms.

Simon Rose
Snow crunching, kids screaming
Steep, icy hill
Wait, wait, wait. Finally my turn!
(It feels like I am flyinggggg!)
Wish I could fly back up.

Eliot Lux
People slow on their
bikes as they
laugh and talk on glowing wheels
(oh, so fun)
Oh, how I love glow rolls

Makenzie Wohn
I see in summer
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet
Clouds, rain, sun, colors bright in the sky
Beautiful rainbow

Isaiah Alexander
Chicken nuggets, Fruit punch
and french fries
This is my favorite meal
Chick-fil-A is the best

Oliver Mann, age 5
Sylvania is so great
Funny and good
Love is all around us
Hunt for dinosaurs in fossil park

Noah Mann, age 8
Always lots to do
Fun and friends
There are nice people around
Good food and good places everywhere