The Truth Behind the Bowling Green Massacre

. February 3, 2017.
Reporting from NW Ohio: We’re safe, but hungry.
Reporting from NW Ohio: We’re safe, but hungry.

Have you heard about the Bowling Green massacre? It’s kind of in the news.

Long unnoticed by the nation, President Donald Trump’s top aide, Kellyanne Conway, finally broke through the chains of fake news and brought to light something near and dear to NW Ohioans.

Conway mentioned “the Bowling Green massacre” during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that aired Thursday, February 2. Since the brave Conway first murmured the term, sources have slammed her “citing an incident than never happened.”

The pressure must be getting to Conway. She’s doubling down. She’s saying she misspoke. At 8:14am on Friday, February 3, Conway Tweeted: “I meant to say ‘Bowling Green terrorists,’” and linked readers to an article detailing the 2009 discovering of suspected terrorists in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Conway— it’s ok. Don’t back down. We know what you meant. We know you weren’t referring to an incident in Kentucky.

We know you were finally giving national coverage to one of the biggest massacres NW Ohio has ever seen:

The final weekend of Myles’ Pizza Pub.

It was a bleak event.

On a chilly weekend in 2016, the owners of a college town pizza staple retired from the restaurant business. Despite the Pub’s cult following, the owners shut down the restaurant after 39 years of business, taking their pizza sauce recipe with them.



The final weekend— Friday September, 30 to Sunday, October 2— coincided with the Bowling Green State University’s Alumni Weekend, bringing thousands of graduates back to town.

All weekend long, the streets were flooded with hordes of people ravenous for pizza. Despite pouring rain, nostalgic BGSU grads, current students and hungry locals waited in long lines for eight hours, just to get their hands on a final slice.

The massacre officially ended on Monday, October 3, after the restaurant briefly reopened to allow for carry-out orders until the kitchen ran out of ingredients. By 1:21pm, it was over. The final 121 pizzas sold out in less than 10 minutes.

If this wasn’t a massacre, I don’t know what is.

  • Angela Harris Wilson

    Brava, Athena, Brava!

  • Hyster

    Oh, the humanity!

  • stevenroa

    I have been to many Saturday Falcon games in which there was a massacre. Since no one will ever know what she means, I offer this alternative fact to you.

  • Denise Carter

    I think we should take the names of individuals killed in the massacre and compare it to the graveyard voter names (trump keeps whinning about) just to make sure no one uses their names in such a despicable manner.