Suddenly We See, With KT Tunstall

When KT Tunstall’s song “Suddenly I See” hit the public in 2005, her life changed. The popular hit won awards, and hearts, and became featured in TV shows, movies, and even became the Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign song.

Sure, that was a while ago, but Tunstall has stayed busy, releasing four albums since. Not only is she working on her next album, but she’s on tour.

We caught up with the Scottish singer-songwriter before her June 24th show at the Toledo Zoo, where she will join Better Than Ezra in opening for the Barenaked Ladies.

TCP: What is the history behind your collaboration with The Barenaked Ladies?

KT: I met Ed from Barenaked Ladies when we were at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. There’s a great hotel up there called The Montage and they put on really good music. The two of us were up there at the same time. There is a supergroup called Yukon Kornelius and it’s Ed and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and Adam Gardner from Guster. It was a total sausage fest, they needed a girl to come and help out. I did some shows with them at The Montage in Park City and Ed and I got along great. The fit was right to jump aboard with them.

Are you going to collaborate with The Barenaked Ladies on any songs during the performance?

We are! I jump up during The Barenaked Ladies set to sing ‘Brian Wilson’ with them, which is awesome.

Do you have any upcoming releases?

A: I do, at the end of the Summer around mid-August. I’m very excited. I made the record with Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand. Nick became a producer and started recording his own material but he produced this record for me. It’s the second in a trilogy. The first record in the trilogy was ‘KIN’ from 2016 which was all about spirit and overcoming difficulties. I said that I would make a trilogy which was spirit, body, and mind. This upcoming record is all about the body, physicalness, humanness, and all the obstacles that go with that.

What will you be performing during the upcoming show?

During The Barenaked Ladies tour, I only have half an hour so I’m playing all hits and a couple of songs from ‘KIN.’

What was the inspiration for your recent cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” with Mike McCready of Pearl Jam?

I met Mike McCready in the same place up in Park City when we were doing those shows at The Montage. Mike and I got on great and we always said that we wanted to do something together. With Tom Petty passing, he was mutually one of our favorites for a long time so we decided to do [one of his] songs to honor his legacy. With what’s going on in the world ‘I Won’t Back Down’ is just such a perfect anthemic shoutout to everyone who is standing up for what they believe in to combat the injustices in the world. We made a video with footage from protests that have been going on over the last year or two.

Who are your primary musical influences?

Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Carole King. Bob Dylan, David Bowie, these artists who were writing material that just indelibly burns into our hearts and minds. They’re just alchemists who are turning their own experiences and emotions into songs that everyone can relate to immediately.

7pm. Sunday, June 24.
Toledo Zoo Amphitheater, 2 Hippo Way.
419-385-5721 x6001.

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